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OAH Members Receive 2017 ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship

Posted: 02/24/2017

OAH members Michael Fitzgerald and Sarah Silkey have received a 2017 ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship to analyze a newly accessible trove of letters and diaries of Ku Klux Klan supporters that reveals the interpersonal dynamics of racial extremism and the generational conflicts between Victorian gender expectations and notions of southern manhood during Reconstruction and its aftermath. More information about the project and the Collaborative Research Fellowship are available here.

Executive Board Action Items - Fall 2016 Meeting

Posted: 02/24/2017

At its fall 2016 meeting, the OAH Executive Board took action on eight items. The full list can be viewed here.

2017 Election Results

Posted: 02/24/2017

The OAH is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 election. Newly elected officers and board members will begin their terms this spring. The results can be viewed here.

#ImmigrationSyllabus - A New Project by the Immigration History Research Center

Posted: 02/24/2017

Immigration historians associated with the Immigration History Research Center and the Immigration and Ethnic History Center have launched the #ImmigrationSyllabus website, an educational resource that offers historical context to today's immigration debate. 

Additionally, they have annotated and analyzed the Trump Executive Order banning immigrants. It can be seen here.

Read more about the project here. 

Access the syllabus here. 

2017 OAH Business Meeting

Posted: 02/22/2017

Any member who would like a resolution to be presented at the OAH Business Meeting, must submit the resolution to Katherine Finley, OAH Executive Director, and to the OAH Parliamentarian by February 22, 2017. The resolution must be signed by fifty (50) members in good standing. If these conditions are met, then the OAH membership will be notified via electronic communication thirty (30) days in advance that this resolution will be presented at the OAH Business Meeting.

Joyce Appleby

Posted: 02/21/2017

OAH distinguished member and past president Joyce Appleby (1991-1992) died on December 23, 2016. An obituary for her will appear in the May issue of The American Historian.

Her obituary that appeared in the New York Times can be read here.

Her obituary that was issued by the History Department of UCLA can be read here.