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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program

Historians' Perspectives on the Rise of Donald J. Trump

The 2016 presidential race and the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States revealed divisive social, cultural, and political issues convulsing the United States, many of which have deep historical roots.

The members of the Organization of American Historians, a professional society devoted to the teaching and study of U.S. history, can offer a valuable public service during these fractious times by providing historical perspectives on present events.

Listed below are the OAH Distinguished Lecturers from across the country who stand ready to speak about these important issues.

The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program, with support and guidance from the OAH Executive Board, has framed this new initiative as a resource for all who wish to foster dialogue on college campuses and in communities nationwide. We hope it will advance critical thinking about both past and present.

OAH Lecture fees start at $1,000, payable to the OAH, plus travel expenses, reimbursed directly to the speaker. We are committed to working with student and nonprofit groups to minimize costs.

Contact us with any questions or to start the invitation process.

Featured Lecture

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Dan Feller, "Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: Outsiders Alike?"


For additional insights on U.S. international relations, visit the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations experts directory.

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Gar AlperovitzGar Alperovitz
The Democracy Collaborative and University of Maryland College Park

• The Election of 2016 as a Reflection of Systemic Crisis

Annette AtkinsAnnette Atkins
Saint John's University and the College of Saint Benedict

• We've Been Here Before: Dangerous Immigrants and Internal Security during World War I

James M. Banner Jr.James M. Banner Jr.
Independent historian

• The Electoral College: Vexed from the Outset, More Vexed Now

Katherine Benton-CohenKatherine Benton-Cohen
Georgetown University

• The "Immigration Problem," 1917 and 2017

• The History of U.S.-Mexico Border Enforcement

• When Jews Fought against "Registries"—A Lesson for Today?

• Women and the Rise of the Surveillance State in the Progressive Era

Dan BergerDan Berger
University of Washington Bothell and University of Washington Seattle

• A People's History of Law and Order Politics

• Racism, Violence, and the American State

Eileen BorisEileen Boris
University of California, Santa Barbara

• Trump's America in Historical Perspective: The War against Women, the Fight against Unions, and the Assault against Mexicans, African Americans, and Muslims

Kevin BoyleKevin Boyle
Northwestern University

• My Home Town: Donald Trump in the Rust Belt

• The Rages of Whiteness: Race, Class, and the Rise of Donald Trump

Albert CamarilloAlbert Camarillo
Stanford University

• California and the Future of U.S. Politics

• Civil Rights and Race/Ethnic Relations in Trump's America

• Immigrants and Immigration Policies

• Latino Voters, Past, Present, and Future

• Racial Dynamics and the 2016 Election

Clayborne CarsonClayborne Carson
Stanford University

• Where Do We Go from Here? King's Dream and the Trump Presidency

William H. ChafeWilliam H. Chafe
Duke University

• Angry Whites and Donald Trump: The Inequality in America That We Have Not Addressed

• How We Define Inequality

• Parallels to 2016: Presidential Elections of 1877, 1968, and 2000

• The Problems with the Electoral College: History, Racism, and the Idea of "One Person, One Vote"

David Anthony ChangDavid Anthony Chang
University of Minnesota

• Teaching on Trump: Experiences Teaching a Course on the Far Right in America, Past and Present

Mary Marshall ClarkMary Marshall Clark
Columbia University

• Breaking the Rule of Law and What It Cost Us: Guantanamo, an Oral History

Charles L. CohenCharles L. Cohen
University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Jews and Muslims in Christian America

Blanche Wiesen CookBlanche Wiesen Cook
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

• Refugees and Rescue during World War II and Today

• Women's Rights, Civil Rights, and Human Rights from Eleanor Roosevelt to the Women's Marchers

Stephanie CoontzStephanie Coontz
The Evergreen State College and Council on Contemporary Families

• The Way Things Used To Be? The Politics of Nostalgia in Contemporary America

Edward CountrymanEdward Countryman
Southern Methodist University

• The Central Themes of an Ambiguous Revolution

• "Belonging to America" after the Revolution

Jefferson CowieJefferson Cowie
Vanderbilt University

• Are We in a New Age? The Techno-Global Meets the Ethno-Fundamental

• Defining White Freedom in America, from Andrew Jackson to Donald Trump

• The Deep History of Backlash America

• The Social History of the Trump Vote, 1968–2016

Karen L. CoxKaren L. Cox
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

• After Charlottesville: How the Confederate Monument Debate Became a Game Changer for Historians

Jane E. DaileyJane E. Dailey
University of Chicago

• From Civil Rights to Human Rights in Twentieth-Century America

• Remembering Our KKK Past

• The Theology of White Supremacy

• William Mahone: The Confederate General Who Was Erased

Jennifer DeltonJennifer Delton *
Skidmore College

• Inequality, Diversity, and the Rise of Trump

Rachel DevlinRachel Devlin
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

• Performing "Civic Decency": The Black Women and Girls who Desegregated American Schools

Bruce J. DierenfieldBruce J. Dierenfield
Canisius College and Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

• Heroes and Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement

• Myths of the Civil Rights Movement

• A Look at Black Strategies against White Supremacy, Then and Now

• Separate and Unequal: Racial Oppression in America

• The Black Lives Matter Movement

• The Forward Together / Moral Monday Movement

Hasia DinerHasia Diner
New York University

• Antisemitism: Its American Story

• Making America Great: Immigrants and the Making of the Nation

David C. EngermanDavid C. Engerman
Brandeis University

• The United States and Russia, 1917–2017: From Lenin to Trump

Nan EnstadNan Enstad
University of Wisconsin-Madison

• From Michelle Obama to Ivanka Trump: The History of Female Populism and the Future of Feminism

• The Cult of the Entrepreneur and the Rise of Donald Trump: How Faith in Capitalist Innovation Restructured American Democracy

Todd EstesTodd Estes
Oakland University

• Populism, Pseudo-Populism, and the Enduring Appeal of Both Forces in U.S. Political Culture over Time

• The 2016 Presidential Election and the Transformation of the Blue State—Red State Electoral Map: Retrospect and Prospect

John FeaJohn Fea
Messiah College

• Historical Thinking in the Age of Trump

• Understanding American Evangelicalism in the Age of Trump

Daniel FellerDaniel Feller
University of Tennessee

• Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: Outsiders Alike?

• Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: Outsiders Alike?

• Fake History: Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump, and the Media

Mark FiegeMark Fiege
Montana State University

• A Country without Illusions: Wallace Stegner in His Time and Ours

• The Significance of the Public Lands in American Life

Paul FinkelmanPaul Finkelman
Gratz College

• A Nation of Immigrants and a History of Anti-Immigrant Movement

• Antisemitism and the Development of American Religious Freedom

• Balancing Liberty and Security in our Democracy

• Free Speech: The Key to Liberty

• Freedom of Thought in America

• How the Electoral College Protected Slavery

• Nationalism, Nativism, and Fear in American History

• Religious Persecution in American History: Quakers, Baptists, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses

François FurstenbergFrançois Furstenberg
Johns Hopkins University

• The Electoral College in Historical Perspective: Antidemocratic Legacies of the American Constitution

• Trump and the Republican Party: Continuities and Ruptures

Kevin GainesKevin Gaines
Cornell University

• American Populism: Its Rise, Fall, and Legacy

• Teaching Race in Modern American History

• The Post-World War II Black Freedom Struggle

Mario T. GarcíaMario T. García
University of California Santa Barbara

• The Sanctuary Movement, Past and Present, and the Trump Threat to Latino Immigrants

Lawrence B. GlickmanLawrence B. Glickman
Cornell University

Donald Trump and the Anti-New Deal Tradition

• Donald Trump and Populist Conservatism

• Donald Trump and Salesmanship in American Consumer History

Linda GordonLinda Gordon
New York University

• 45 Years of Arguing about Reproduction Control

• Dorothea Lange: The Conflicts of an Ambitious Woman

• Impounded: Dorothea Lange's Hidden Photographs of the Japanese Internment in World War II

• The Ku Klux Klan and the American Political Tradition​

• The Much Misunderstood Women's Liberation Movement

• Visual Democracy: How Dorothea Lange Used Photography to Promote Equality

Eliga H. GouldEliga H. Gould
University of New Hampshire

• The American Revolution and the Making of Religious Liberty

• The Coup We Escaped: George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy of 1783

• To Keep and Bear Arms: What the Second Amendment Did—and Did Not—Mean in 1791

Cheryl GreenbergCheryl Greenberg
Trinity College and University of Helsinki

• Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties: The Case of Hate Speech

• Trigger Warnings, Racist Symbols, and Free Speech: American Campuses Today

• The Civil Rights Movement as Usable Past

• Why "Black Lives Matter" Should Matter to Whites

Daniel GreeneDaniel Greene
Northwestern University and U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

• Desperate Times, Limited Measures: America and the Refugee Crisis of the 1930s

• Freedom from Fear: Americans and the Nazi Threat

• Freedom from Fear: Americans and the Nazi Threat

Julie GreeneJulie Greene
University of Maryland, College Park

• Understanding the Workers of Trumpland: How History Shaped the Politics of 2016

• When Benjamin Franklin Worried about the Swarthy Germans: How Anxiety about Immigrants Shaped the United States

• Who Is an American? Belonging and Exclusion in American History (and How It Shapes the Present)

Ariela J. GrossAriela J. Gross
University of Southern California

• Race, Citizenship, and the U.S. Constitution

• Race, Gender, and the U.S. Constitution

• The Past and Future of Civil Rights

• White Nationalism in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

Thomas A. GuglielmoThomas A. Guglielmo
George Washington University

• White Nationalism: A History

• Immigration and Race: A History

Steven HahnSteven Hahn
New York University

• Reconstruction and the American Political Tradition

• The Illiberal Tradition in America

• The United States from Inside Out and Southside North

Hendrik HartogHendrik Hartog
Princeton University

• Conservative Constitutionalism and the Strategic Uses of Rights

Paul HarveyPaul Harvey
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

• 1876 and 2016: Civil Rights and Voter Suppression during the 1st and 2nd Redemption

• Religious Conservatism and Liberalism in the Age of Trump

• White Nationalism in Historical Perspective

Joan HoffJoan Hoff
Montana State University, Bozeman

• Civil Rights and Campus Sexual Assault

• What War Has Done to the Presidency

Michael K. HoneyMichael K. Honey
University of Washington Tacoma

• Stealing the Dream: Martin Luther King's Unfinished Agenda and the Trump Era

James HornJames Horn
Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation

• Origins of Modern America in 1619: Democracy, Diversity, and Race

Frederick E. HoxieFrederick E. Hoxie
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

• Indian Affairs in the Twenty-First Century

Madeline Y. HsuMadeline Y. Hsu
University of Texas at Austin

• Families across Borders: Illegality and the Ties that Bind

• Immigration and Deportation Policy

Michael Innis-JiménezMichael Innis-Jiménez *
University of Alabama

• Engaged Learning in the Anti-Immigrant South: Building Bridges in a Hostile Environment

• Us vs. Them, Then and Now: Understanding Anti-Mexican Rhetoric in Times of Economic Crisis

Karl JacobyKarl Jacoby
Columbia University

• Drawing the Line: Lessons from Thinking Historically about the U.S.-Mexico Border

John W.  JeffriesJohn W. Jeffries
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

• The Surprising Candidacies of Donald Trump and Wendell Willkie, and the Changes in American Politics since 1940

William P. JonesWilliam P. Jones
University of Minnesota

• Labor Rights in the Age of Trump

• Race and Class in the Age of Trump

Andrew W. KahrlAndrew W. Kahrl
University of Virginia

• Real Estate Rules: How the Trump Family Built Its Wealth—and What That Teaches Us about Race and Capitalism in Twentieth-Century America

• The Art of the Scam: Predatory Capitalism and the Making of Trump's America

Walter D. KamphoefnerWalter D. Kamphoefner
Texas A&M University

• American Immigration, Past and Present: Myths and Reality

• U.S. Immigration, Past and Present: Myths and Reality

Stephen KantrowitzStephen Kantrowitz
University of Wisconsin-Madison

• When White Supremacy Won: Pitchfork Ben Tillman and the Battle against Equality

Michael KazinMichael Kazin
Georgetown University

• What Kind of Populist Is Donald Trump?

Daniel J. KevlesDaniel J. Kevles
Yale University

• Contested Earth: The Science and Politics of Climate and Development

Alan M. KrautAlan M. Kraut
American University

• Closing the Gates, Building a Wall: What the History of Immigration Restriction against Jews Can Teach Us about American Nativism

• Nativism before Donald Trump: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in the Early Twentieth Century

Kevin M. KruseKevin M. Kruse
Princeton University

• Jim Crow: Race, Rights, and Reaction in Twentieth-Century America

Bruce KuklickBruce Kuklick
University of Pennsylvania

• Fascism Comes to America

James LivingstonJames Livingston
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

• F%#* Work, A Manifesto: Why Full Employment Is a Bad Idea, or What Is to Be Done When Work Disappears

Elizabeth LunbeckElizabeth Lunbeck
Harvard University

• Narcissism in the Age of Trump

Nancy MacLeanNancy MacLean
Duke University

• The Origins of Today’s Koch-Funded Radical Right and the Crisis of Our Democracy

Monica Muñoz MartinezMonica Muñoz Martinez *
Brown University

• Policing Race on the U.S.–Mexico Border

Elaine Tyler MayElaine Tyler May
University of Minnesota

• Fortress America: Fear and its Consequences since the Cold War

Melani McAlisterMelani McAlister
George Washington University

• The Politics of Persecution

Ajay K. MehrotraAjay K. Mehrotra
American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University School of Law and History Department

• Populism in America

• The Legacy of Progressivism in the Trump Era

• The Rise and Fall of Progressive Taxation in the United States

• U.S. Fiscal Policy in Comparative and Historical Perspective

Premilla NadasenPremilla Nadasen
Barnard College, Columbia University

• Grass-Roots Organizing and Progressive Social Change: Lessons from History

• Where Do We Go from Here? Poverty, the Welfare State, and Economic Justice

• Women and Feminism in the Trump Era

Mae M. NgaiMae M. Ngai
Columbia University

• A Nation of Immigrants: A Short History of an Idea

• Illegal Immigration: Origins and Consequences

Christopher McKnight NicholsChristopher McKnight Nichols *
Oregon State University and Oregon State University Center for the Humanities

• America First? The Significance of Isolationism to U.S. History

Michelle NickersonMichelle Nickerson
Loyola University, Chicago

• Our Problem with "Truthiness": The Centuries-long History of Fake News in the United States

• The History of Our Populist Presidency: Traditions of Anti-Elitism in American Politics

Alice OAlice O'Connor
University of California, Santa Barbara

• Circling the Wagons: Conservative Movement Politics and the Rise of Donald Trump

• Divided Democracy: The Politics of Inequality in the 2016 Election

• Myths and Realities of the "White Working-Class Voter"

Peter S. OnufPeter S. Onuf
Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, Monticello and University of Virginia

• Thomas Jefferson and White Nationalism

Jason M. OpalJason M. Opal
McGill University

• Did the Founders Want the United States to Follow International Law?

• How Donald Trump Is Like Andrew Jackson

• Vigilante Nation: The Long History of "Populist" Violence against People of Color

Annelise OrleckAnnelise Orleck
Dartmouth College

• Donald Trump and the History of Right-Wing Populism in the United States

• The End of Medicare and Social Security As We Know Them

Ted OwnbyTed Ownby
University of Mississippi

• Virtue, Corruption, and Household Politics in the Election of 2016

Christopher PhillipsChristopher Phillips
The University of Cincinnati

• Legacy of Dissent: The Civil War Roots of Populist White Nationalism in Middle America

Claire Bond PotterClaire Bond Potter
The New School

• Clickbait Nation: How iCampaigns Changed American Politics

Sherie M. RandolphSherie M. Randolph
Georgia Institute of Technology

• Black Feminist Political Futures

• Race, Gender, and Incarceration

• Race, Gender, and Violence: The New American Politics?

Jennifer Eden Ratner-RosenhagenJennifer Eden Ratner-Rosenhagen
University of Wisconsin–Madison

• Intellectual Roots of Trump's Anti-Intellectualism

Leslie J. ReaganLeslie J. Reagan
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

• When Abortion Was a Crime: The American Past, and Present?

Jarod RollJarod Roll
University of Mississippi

• A Deep History of White Working-Class Conservatism: The Strange Career of America's Anti-Union Miners

Adam RomeAdam Rome
University at Buffalo, State University of New York

• Sustainability in the Age of Trump

E. Anthony RotundoE. Anthony Rotundo
Phillips Academy Andover

• Before Trump: White Men, Masculinity, and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism, 1964–2016

Scott A. SandageScott A. Sandage
Carnegie Mellon University

• LOSER! How Trump's Favorite Insult Became Our Hugest Fear

A. K. Sandoval-StrauszA. K. Sandoval-Strausz
Penn State University

• Latino Immigrants and the Transformation of American Cities, 1950–2010

Ellen SchreckerEllen Schrecker
Yeshiva University

• Donald Trump and the New McCarthyism

Donna C. SchueleDonna C. Schuele
California State University, Los Angeles and UCLA Center for the Study of Women

• Not Your Father's Liberty: Reproductive Freedom and the Fourteenth Amendment

• The Law of War: Presidential Power on the International Stage

• The Supreme Court in the Balance: The Role of the Swing Justice

Donald SchwartzDonald Schwartz
California State University, Long Beach

• Dogs and Jews Not Allowed: Antisemitism in U.S. History

• Immigration and Anti-Immigration in U.S. History

Thomas Alan SchwartzThomas Alan Schwartz
Vanderbilt University

• The Rise of Trump and American Foreign Policy

Manisha SinhaManisha Sinha
University of Connecticut

• America's Rotten Borough Electoral College

• Reliving the Fall of Reconstruction in the Age of Trump

• The United States of Trumpistan?

Paul SpickardPaul Spickard
University of California, Santa Barbara

• Immigrants and the Undocumented: What's Real, What's Not, and What We Can Hope for in the Trump Years

Marjorie J. SpruillMarjorie J. Spruill
University of South Carolina

• Divided We Stand: The Battle over Women’s Rights and Family Values That Polarized American Politics

Randall StephensRandall Stephens
Northumbria University

• Have We Been Here Before? Trumpism and the Question of Historical Precedent

• The Strange Career of Trump-Supporting Evangelicals

Landon R. StorrsLandon R. Storrs
University of Iowa

• Antifeminism and Cold War Politics

• Hidden Convictions: The Second Red Scare and the End of Reform

• McCarthyism in Historical Perspective

Jeremi SuriJeremi Suri
University of Texas at Austin

• Populism against Democracy

• Right-Wing Politics in America and across the Globe

• The New McCarthyism

• The Rise and Fall of the American Presidency

Matthew Avery SuttonMatthew Avery Sutton
Washington State University

• Trump and Evangelical America: The Rise (and Fall?) of the Religious Right

Heather Ann ThompsonHeather Ann Thompson
University of Michigan

• Civil Rights in the Age of Trump

• Criminal Justice Reform in the Age of Trump

• Policing in the Age of Trump

Phil TiemeyerPhil Tiemeyer
Kansas State University

• Religious Right, Alt-Right, and Neoliberal "Rights": What the Recent Past Tells Us about the State of LGBTQ Rights in the Trump Presidency

Robert Brent ToplinRobert Brent Toplin
University of North Carolina at Wilmington and University of Virginia

• "The Economy, Stupid": How the Clash of Economic Arguments in Presidential Elections Since 1980 Has Affected the Well-Being of America's Working People

• Fake News from Thomas Jefferson's Time to 2016

Penny M. Von EschenPenny M. Von Eschen
Cornell University

• Post-1989 Shifts in U.S. Foreign Policy, the Rise of the Global Right, and the Election of Donald Trump

Louis S. WarrenLouis S. Warren
University of California, Davis

• The Price of Religious Intolerance: Wounded Knee and the War on American Indian Belief

Marsha WeisigerMarsha Weisiger
University of Oregon

• Why We Need the EPA, and Other Environmental Matters

Leigh Ann WheelerLeigh Ann Wheeler *
Binghamton University, State University of New York

• The Politics of Womanhood: From the Progressive Era to Trump World

Allan M. WinklerAllan M. Winkler
Miami University

• What Informs a Smooth Presidential Transition? Twentieth-Century Examples

Barbara WinslowBarbara Winslow
Brooklyn College, City University of New York

• Breaking the Highest Glass Ceiling: Shirley Chisholm, Hillary Clinton, and the Future

• Women's Rights and Reproductive Justice

Victoria W. WolcottVictoria W. Wolcott
University at Buffalo, State University of New York

• False Choices: What the 1930s Can Teach Us about Identity Politics

• The Legacy of Segregation: Spatial Inequality and White Power

Leah Wright RigueurLeah Wright Rigueur *
Harvard University

• "Black Women Will Rally!" Black Women, Intersectional Politics, and the 2016 Presidential Election

• How the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter Shaped the 2016 Presidential Election

David M. WrobelDavid M. Wrobel
University of Oklahoma

• John Steinbeck's America: A Cultural History of the Great Depression and World War II

• The West and America, 1890–1950

Judy Tzu-Chun WuJudy Tzu-Chun Wu
University of California, Irvine

• Immigration and Illegality in the American Imagination

Rosemarie ZagarriRosemarie Zagarri
George Mason University

• The Murky Past and Contested Future of the Electoral College

• The Murky Past and Contested Future of the Electoral College

Jonathan ZimmermanJonathan Zimmerman
University of Pennsylvania

• Teaching about Trump: Civic Education and the Challenge of Democracy

• The Ides of November: Recent Campus Protests in Historical Perspective