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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program

Paul Finkelman

Paul FinkelmanPaul Finkelman is the John E. Murray Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He has published more than twenty-five books, more than one hundred and fifty articles, and numerous op-eds on the law of American slavery, the First Amendment, American race relations, American legal history, the U.S. Constitution, freedom of religion, and baseball and the law. Briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court have cited his work on religion and legal history as well as on the history of the second amendment. He was the chief expert witness in the Alabama Ten Commandments monument case. He was also an expert witness in the lawsuit over the ownership of Barry Bonds’ 73rd homerun. In 2009, he helped secure a posthumous pardon for the Griffin Brothers, two African American men wrongly executed in South Carolina in 1915. He most recently published a biography of Millard Fillmore in the "American Presidents" series edited by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Sean Wilentz and Slavery and the Founders: Race and Liberty in the Age of Jefferson (3rd edition, 2014).


Lectures marked with a * are offered as part of the OAH's initiative, Historians' Perspectives on the Rise of Donald Trump.