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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program

Howard P. Chudacoff

Howard P. ChudacoffHoward P. Chudacoff has been teaching and writing about American social and urban history for over four decades, almost all of which have been spent at Brown University where he is currently the George L. Littlefield Professor of American History and a professor of urban studies. Early in his career, he became interested in various aspects of family and individual life cycles, and he wrote about changes in components and stages of the family, such as newlyweds and old age. Then his research shifted to the nexus between culture and society, and he wrote How Old Are You? Age Consciousness in American Culture (1989), which explores how notions of age and age grading in American society evolved and became increasingly important in the culture, and The Age of the Bachelor: Creating an American Subculture (1999), which examines the ways that the subculture of unmarried men influenced the larger culture of all men as well as the rest of American society. He is also the author of Children at Play: An American History (2007), which examines children's culture through the tensions that developed between how children actually played and how adults believed and wanted them to play. His most recent book is Changing the Playbook: How Power, Profit, and Politics Transformed College Sports (2014).