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2015 OAH Annual Meeting

We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis, Missouri

April 16 to April 19, 2015
America's Center and Renaissance Grand Hotel


Join us as we explore what historians miss when we avoid topics that have come to be regarded as taboo. How are familiar histories complicated, enriched, or transformed when we address issues that have been silenced or avoided in the past?

During recent decades, historians have approached history from a wide range of perspectives and developed innovative methodologies that have opened up new fields of historical inquiry and understanding. In all fields of history, however, certain topics remain taboo. The courage to challenge such taboos, to offer fresh interpretations and to ask original kinds of questions marks the historical work that most inspires us and often signals important turns in historiographical approach. In the judgment of the program committee members, challenging taboos does not reduce the significance of familiar topics, but deepens and enriches their meaning by enlivening the conversation they inspire. What explains our reluctance to place certain topics under critical examination, and what do we miss when we avoid subjects that have come to be regarded as taboo? How is our understanding of seemingly familiar histories complicated, enriched or transformed when we address issues that have been silenced or avoided? What taboos have been broken in the past, what silences remain, and what new orthodoxies have emerged over time? Are there topics we do not address because we believe that we will be penalized in some way for doing so? Conversely, are there taboos that we should continue to respect and defend?

The program committee hopes for a wide variety of forms of conversation at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Program Committee

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