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The Organization of American Historians is committed to building community and providing opportunities that nurture and expand the U.S. history profession. In Atlanta, we introduced the "Hey, I Know Your Work!" Mentorship Program, which matched current students and recent graduates with established scholars for networking and mentorship at the conference and beyond.

For the 2015 Annual Meeting we invite registered members who have a manuscript, dissertation, or proposal to sign up to meet with a publisher in a private and comfortable setting on Saturday morning.

Eligibility and guidelines:

To apply:

Email your name, title if applicable, contact information,  including phone number,  proposal title and short blurb, along with your top two choices to meetings@oah.org.


Adam Matthew
(A SAGE Company)

5 positions remaining

Adam Matthew seeks to inspire students, enhance learning environments, and aid scholarly research by making important primary sources available to a global audience. Central to our approach is engaging with the academic community and working closely with leading archives to carefully select, digitise and publish their unique collections. We would be especially interested in meeting with faculty members who have an interest in 19th and 20th Century American history for teaching and research purposes.

Bedford (Macmillan Education)

4 positions remaining

Bedford (Macmillan Education) is looking for book proposals and/or new ideas for course materials for the following college courses. In addition, we're always in the hunt for new volumes for the Bedford Series in History and Culture, our primary source reader series.

1. Intro U.S. History
2. U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
3. Texas History
4. California History
5. Topics for Bedford Series of History and Culture

Duke University Press


no more meetings avaialble

Oxford University

 no more meetings available

Southern Illinois University Press

4 positions remaining

 Southern Illinois University Press is looking for books on Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant and their families as well as the following Civil War topics: military history in the western theater, Illinois regimental histories and Illinois-specific studies, regional studies in the Midwest and border states, and studies of gender, race, medicine, and Reconstruction. SIU Press also publishes studies on the history of Illinois and St. Louis and on the peoples of Illinois. We have several history book series, including the Concise Lincoln Library, edited by Richard W. Etulain and Sylvia Frank Rodrigue; Civil War Campaigns in the Heartland, edited by Steven E. Woodworth and Charles D. Grear; and The World of Ulysses S. Grant, edited by John F. Marszalek and Timothy B. Smith. In addition to American History, SIU Press also publishes in the following areas: Archaeology, Beat Studies, Botany, Criminology, Film Studies, Philosophy, Poetry, Regional Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Theater, and Transportation.

The University of Chicago Press

no more meetings available


6 positions remaining

 Andrew J. Davidson, Senior Editor, History, Wiley -- I commission core and supplementary college-level textbooks in U.S. History, with a specialization in core texts for survey courses on the history of the individual states and on titles in History Methods and Skills. In addition to texts in almost all subfields of U.S. history, I also acquire in European, Atlantic, and World History. Among the many text projects that I am currently interested in commissioning are: a new volume on Religion in Early America in the celebrated American History Series as well as core texts for courses in the History of Science, Medicine, Theater, the Middle East, Ren. & Ref. Europe, the Caribbean, Hispanic America, and Asian America.