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Meetings & Events

Exhibit Hall Highlights

Exhibit Hall Highlights

Free Afternoon Pick-Me-Up!

Join us for free coffee in the Exhibit Hall from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Compliments of Oxford University Press.


Big Book Binge

Keep your eyes and ears open for the "Big Book Binge!" Exhibitors offer extra deeo discounts so don't forget to bring an extra bag for books!  Annouced via signs and social media at the event.

Library Bar and Lounge

New in 2016, the Library Bar and Lounge is open on Friday and Saturday and offers lounging areas, concessions, an afternoon pick-me-up in coffee form, recharge stations... and, of course, a bar!

Museum Displays

Located in the Exhibit Hall the museum displays are a great way to glimpse local history and the work of local are historians without leaving the conference.  The museum displays at the 2016 OAH Annual Meeting are courtesy of the Rhode Island Historical Society.  The museum displays include:
- Rhode Island in the Time of Lincoln
- Elisha Hunt Rose: Prepared to Do My Whole Duty
- Navigating the Past: Brown University and the Voyage of the Slave Ship Sally, 1764-1765
- Rhode Island: Faith and Freedom

Click here for further information

The Chat Room


A new interactive session where the attendees drive the conversation. Learn more here!


Sponsors, Partners, and Exhibitors

CLIO Sponsor
Bedford St. Martin's
At bedfordstmartins.com you'll find detailed information about our books and media: complete tables of contents, author bios, reviews, supplements, value packages and more. You can request an exam copy, watch demos and get previews of our books and media, explore our free and open resources, and watch our authors tell the stories behind their books and media. For your classroom needs, you can download free classroom materials, log in to access all our online instructor resources, and get valuable tools for your first day of class.
Booth 413, 415

Oxford University Press
With origins dating back to 1478, Oxford University Press is the world's largest university press. Our History program spans the academic and higher education spectrum, including books, journals, and online products. In addition to award-winning and innovative online research products, Oxford publishes a wide array of scholarly and general interest books to meet all of your research and teaching needs. Taken together, our History program seeks and supports excellence in research, scholarship, and education.

Oxford is the proud publisher of the Journal of American History.
Booth 417, 425




Yale Univeristy

Booth 337

Harvard University Press
Booth 320, 324

Department of History, Brown University

University of Georgia Press
Booth 516

University of North Carolina Press
Booth 313, 315
W.W. Norton Company
Booth 512, 514
 Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
University of California Press
University of California Press enriches lives worldwide by advancing scholarship in history and other disciplines. Check our Web site for new and best-selling books.
Booth 433

CogBooks' adaptive courseware provides students with real-time support by intelligently personalizing the material as they progress while giving instructors deep insight into each student's activities and capabilities.
Booth 533

Alexander Street Press Booth 527
Association Book Exhibit Booth 214
Basic Books Booth 424
Beacon Press Booth 427
Bedford St. Martins Booth 413, 415
Cambridge University Press Booth 330
Cengage Learning Booth 312
C-SPAN Booth 312
Columbia University Press Booth 519
Duke University Press Booth 326
Early American Places Booth 518
Globalyceum Booth 339
Harvard University Press Booth 320, 324
Haymarket Books Booth 221
Historians Against Slavery Panel Display
Johns Hopkins University Press Booth 432
Knopf Doubleday Booth 331
Labor and Working-Class History Association Panel Display
Macmillan Booth 412, 414
McFarland Publishers Booth 332
Northern University Illinios Press Booth 517
NYU Press Booth 316
Oxford University Press Booth 417, 419, 421, 423, 425
Palgrave Macmillan Booth 219
Paratext Booth 216
Pearson Booth 530, 532
Penguin Group Booth 329
Pennsylvania Historical Association Panel Display
Princeton University Press Booth 318
ProQuest Booth 521
Random House, Inc. Booth 333
Rowman & Littlefield Booth 325
Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media Booth 336
Southern Illinois University Press Panel Display
Stanford University Press Booth 426
State University of New York Press Booth 520
Temple University Press Booth 517
University of California Press Booth 433
University of Chicago Press Booth 213
University of Georgia Press Booth 516
University of Illinois Press Booth 430
University of Massachusettes Press Booth 526
University of Nebraska Press Booth 515
University of North Carolina Press Booth 313, 315
University of Oklahoma Press Booth 428
University of  Pennsylvania Press Booth 314
University of  Texas Press Booth 215
University of Virgina Press Booth 327
University of Washington Press Booth 524
University Press of Kansas Booth 217
University Press of Mississippi Booth 524
Virginia Center for Civil War Studies Panel Display
Wiley Booth 237
W.W. Norton & Company Booth 512, 514
Yale University Press Booth 431