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The Organization of American Historians is committed to building community and providing opportunities that nurture and expand the U.S. history profession. 

Introducing a new speed networking forum for publishers and authors. Attendees can present their manuscripts, proposals, or ideas to publishers who are specifically searching for publishable works or commissions in their research area.

For the 2016 Annual Meeting we invite registered members who have a manuscript, dissertation, or proposal to sign up to meet with a publisher in a private and comfortable setting on Saturday morning.

Eligibility and guidelines:

To apply:

Email your name, title if applicable, contact information,  including phone number,  proposal title and short blurb, along with your top two choices to meetings@oah.org.


University of Chicago Press

No appointments available

The University of Chicago Press is interested in all areas of American history, and our series focus in particular on urban history, conceptions of power in early America, religious history, architectural history, and unusual perspectives on the Chicago region. We are especially active in developing works with crossover and trade potential.

Duke University Press

No appointments available

Book acquisitions editor, Gisela Fosado, is available to meet with potential authors during the 2016 OAH meeting. Gisela is interested in books that make a substantial intervention in many sub-fields within history, including gender studies, environmental studies, African-American studies, Latino/a studies, and studies on social movements. She acquires academic books, as well as books that reach readers beyond the academy.

McFarland Publishing

no appointments available

Topics of Interest: We are happy to hear about all things American history!

The following is a list of some topics within our American history offerings:
Military history, popular culture and the performing arts, sports and games, transportation, body & mind, literature, language, mythology, religion, librarianship, social sciences, science & technology, African American studies, Appalachian studies, Jewish studies, American Indian studies, women's studies, gender studies, food studies, and notable and infamous figures.


Southern Illinois University Press

5 appointments available

Executive editor Sylvia Frank Rodrigue would like to meet with prospective authors at the 2016 OAH. SIU Press publishes the history and politics of the American Midwest, Illinois, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, including the subfields of aviation, crime, gender, medicine, military, race, and urban studies. You are welcome to submit proposals to her before the conference.

SUNY Press

4 appointments available

SUNY Press acquisitions editor Amanda Lanne-Camilli is available to meet with potential authors in the areas of Indigenous Studies and New York State Studies. She is particularly interested in projects focusing on the indigenous peoples and cultures of North America, especially the northeastern United States, as well as general and scholarly projects relating to New York history, geography, natural history, photography, architecture, cooking, wine, and travel/recreation. www.sunypress.edu

Temple University Press

5 appointments available

Temple University Press would particularly like to meet potential authors working in the areas of urban history, Asian American history, the history of crime, LGBT history‚Äč, political history, and public history. A proposal may be helpful but is not required in advance of an initial conversation. Our proposal guidelines are here: www.temple.edu


no appointments available

Meet with Andrew J. Davidson, Senior Editor, History, at Wiley, who commissions core and supplementary college-level textbooks and reference works in U.S. History, with a specialization in core texts for survey courses on the history of the individual states and on titles in History Methods and Skills. In addition to texts in almost all subfields of U.S. history, he also acquires in European, Atlantic, and World History. Among the text projects he is currently interested in commissioning are: a new volumes in the celebrated American History Series, especially in diplomacy, as well as core texts for courses in the History of Science, Medicine, U.S. and Global Economic History and Business History, Borderlands, and Hispanic America. www.wiley.com