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12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

1:45 pm - 3:15 pm

  Let's Get Digital: Reaching New Heights In Teaching U.S. History with Adaptive Courseware

School Leadership in American History

The Strange Career of Black Liberalism
The View from Main Street, U.S.A.: American History and Cultural Constructs through the Eyes of the Walt Disney Company Hawai'i and the West: Three 19th Century Episodes

School Leadership in American History

The Strange Career of Black Liberalism
New Perspectives on American Socialism New Directions in the Study of Paid Domestic Work: Race, State, and Struggle
The Feet Under the Nation: Grassroots Leadership during the American Civil War Era Leadership and Reform Movements in the Postbellum South
New Politics, New Economy: Redefining Leadership in Postindustrial America Rhode Island and the China Trade
Financial Leaders of the Early American Republic The Truly Advantaged: The Lending Class in High, Low, and Housing Finance
The Politics of Command and Control in the American Whaling Industry Irish-American Labor Leadership and Diasporic Identity: 1900-1940
The United States in the Caribbean World Ares and Eros: War, Emotion, and Sexuality in American History
Missionary Politics: Religious Boomerangs and the Shaping of Left-Liberalism in America Private Faith and Public Utility: Religion as a Public Good in Twentieth-Century America
Organizing for Success: Political Leadership in the Northern Great Plains, 1880-1925 Women's Leadership in the Antiabortion Movement: Challenging the Traditional Narrative of Postwar Conservative Mobilization
Possibilities and Pitfalls in Early Interracial Activism, 1930s-1960s "A Golden Age?" Reconsidering American Jews in the post-World War II era
Rethinking 1980s AIDS Narratives in Culture and Policy New Directions in LGBTQ Public History
Roguish Leadership in the American Revolution Assessing Lyndon B. Johnson's Leadership
University Special Collections as Community Spaces Raiders, Traders, and Slaves in Constructing the Spectrum of Unfreedom in the Americas
The Intersection of Institutions and Culture: 19th Century Leadership in the U.S. Army

Shaping the National with the Local: New Perspectives on State-Federal Relations in American Immigration History

Who Speaks for Cold War Conservatism How French Could America Be? How the French Shaped the American Past
Leading with Law? Black Radicals, the Carceral State, and Political Dissent The History of History Teaching: Contested Instructional Leadership
  Remembering Andrew R. L. "DREW" Cayton
PLENARY 1 - 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Worst. President. Ever
PLENARY 2 - 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm 
Historian Presidents