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2017 OAH Annual Meeting


Circulation, the theme of the 2017 OAH Annual Meeting, is everywhere evident in the historical record. Ideas, goods, information, laborers, water, currency, disease, highways, and much more, circulate. Circulation suggests movement, but also connection between points and places. It suggests movement that gives definition. From the scale of the human body to the scale of the global, from the material to the ideological, circulation characterizes many of the subjects historians study, whether migrations, pilgrimages, economies, networks, ideas, culture, conflicts, plagues or demography. Circulations link, but also separate; they populate and depopulate; and they transport and return.

2017 Program Committee

Robert O. Self, (Co-chair), Brown University
Brenda E. Stevenson, (Co-chair), University of California, Los Angeles
Franco Scardino, Townsend Harris High School
Grace Delgado, University of California, Santa Cruz
Alison F. Games, Georgetown University
Tim Hoogland, Minnesota Historical Society
Ari Kelman, Pennsylvania State University
Kate Masur, Northwestern University
Mae Ngai, Columbia University
Oliver A. Rosales, Bakersfield College
Martin A. Summers, Boston College

2017 Local Resource Committee

Mary Niall Mitchell, (Co-chair), University of New Orleans/Midlo Center
Laura Rosanne Adderley, (Co-Chair), Tulane University
Connie Atkinson, Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies, University of New Orleans
Mark Fernandez, Loyola University New Orleans
Erin Greenwald, The Historic New Orleans Collection
Andy Horowitz, Tulane University
Greg Osborn, New Orleans Public Library
Karen Leathem, Louisiana State Museum
Kodi Roberts, Louisiana State University
Mona Lisa Saloy, Dillard University
Kirk Steen, International High School of New Orleans
Kim Vaz-Deville, Xavier University of Louisiana
Eileen Guillory, Lusher School