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Friday Sessions

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9:00 am - 10:30 am

11:00 am - 12:30 pm 

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Wilson's Legacies Histories of Privacy in Modern America Circulating Suicide as Social Criticism in the Long 20th Century
Circulando La Palabra – Transnational Organizing in Ethnic Mexican Communities Latina/os in America Today: An Interdisciplinary View of New Latino Locations and Populations New Books on the History of California's Farm Labor Movement
Family History, Genealogy, and Historical Practice: New Directions in Teaching and Scholarship Assessing the Damages to "Human Capital": Law, Labor, and Affective Bonds in Historical Perspective Black Lives Matter: Slavery and the Circulation of Medical Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century America
Edna Lewis and the Circulation of African-American Cuisine State Formation, Capital, and Governance: Managing Urban Inequality, 1880-1980 Racialized Rhetoric: Reading Constructions of Black Childhood in the Antebellum Era
Revisiting 'White Flight' and the 'Backlash' Thesis: Racial Politics in the American Metropolis Rethinking Transnational Networks: Middle Eastern Migration in the Americas The Global "Traffic in Women:" Sovereignty, Sexuality, and Migration in the Early-Twentieth Century
Bonds of Reflection: Tracing the Imagined Community in Early America Generations of Struggle and Freedom Dreams:Lorraine Hansberry and Radical Protest from the 1930s to the Present Film Screening: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart: Lorraine Hansberry
Documentary Film: Left on Pearl The Post Office Department and the Shaping of American Life Circulating Africa from America and America from Africa
The Other Douglas Debates: Contesting Race, Rights, and Nationalism in Nineteenth-century American Political Culture The Making of a Sexual Minority: Roundtable on John D'Emilio's Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities
Theorizing the Pacific World


Circulating American and European Images of Father Kino: History and Public Memory of Jesuit Missions and the Spanish Northwestern Frontier, 1650-1750 Currents and Ruptures: Circulation, Ocean Crossings, Identity, and Power in the Pacific and Atlantic Worlds Disability History in Public
Gendering the Carceral State: A Dialogue on the Plight of Black Women and Girls in the U.S. Justice System The North/South Religious Differential and the CIO Northern Teachers, Mississippi Boat Burners, and Rural Distillers: Defining Loyalty in the Confederate South
 Medical History Twenty-Five Years after the Cultural Turn: A Roundtable on Charles Rosenberg and Janet Golden's Framing Disease Preparing Historians: An Interconnected Approach to Promoting History for Every Career Courageous Motorists-Green Book Panel

Solutions to the Overwhelming Whiteness of American History

Francophone Circulations in the New Republic: Haitian Refugees in New Orleans Transnational Circulations of Feminism in the Twentieth Century
New Histories of Gentrification Black Activism Beyond the US in the Postwar Decades: Legacies of World War One
Atlantic Counterflows and the Making of the Modern World Gender and Transnational History: The State of the Field, Past, Present, and Future Gender and Activism in the Historical Profession: A State of the Field
From War for Independence to Revolutionary War Diffusing Ideology, Policy, and Technology through American Education Captive Minds and Footloose Capital: Making Transnational Capitalism in Postwar America
Southern Queer Histories History as a Platform for Civic Engagement: Museums Engaging with the Public Local, State, Federal: Circling the Bases of U.S. Drug Wars, 1950-1980
Coming to the Table: Agribusiness and Food Systems in the Twentieth Century Transnational Responses to American Lynching Indigenous Mobility on Early American Waterways
Refugees in North America in Historical Perspective Rethinking Indian Removal

Pioneers and New Scholarship on Women in the Pre-Civil War South: A Roundtable

Circulating Responses to AIDS: Activism, Outreach, and Late Twentieth Century Politics Circuits of Struggle: Local and Global Networks of Activists and Ideas in the Black Midwestern Protest Tradition
The Slave Past in Circulation: Memorializing Slavery in the United States during the Obama Years
Emergent forms of Religious Practice in the Early Americas The Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project: Documenting and Analyzing Multiracial Freedom Struggles in Texas The Worlds of American Intellectual History
Integrating the Histories of New Americans Carrying History Outside the Classroom

Contestations over the Legalization of Racial Differences: Comparative Perspectives from American Studies Scholars Based in Japan

Pimps, Rebels, and "Fancy Girls": Troubled Circulations in the North American Slave Trade New Orleans is Sinking! A Round Table Discussion on Land Loss in Louisiana  
What's 'American' about American Material Culture? Circulating Objects and Histories Youth in Motion: Tracking the Role of Children in America's Information and Entertainment Economies  
Latina/os in the U.S. South National History Day and Higher Education: The Strategic Implications for Engaging in K-12 Outreach Through NHD