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Saturday Sessions

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9:00 am - 10:30 am

11:00 am - 12:30 pm 

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Circulating/Constructing Heterosexuality Slavery and the University: Past and Present Strange Bedfellows: Black, Brown, and Gay Republicans and the Future of the GOP
Economic Circulations in the Early American Republic Death, Digestion, and Desire: A Queering Slavery Working Group Panel Logics: Machine, Mind, and Market in American History
Labor and the State in Metropolitan America New Orleans: Portal to Commodified Circulation of Prostitution Sexuality and the Making of the Carceral State
Understandings of Aging Men in the Revolutionary Atlantic World Cultural Mediators, Attorneys, and Forty-niners: The Many Roles of Native Women in North American History What was Radical about Reconstruction?
Circulating Diversity: Transnational Networks and Notions of Difference in and beyond North America What about Early America? Migration Scholars and the Public: A How to Guide
Indigenous Histories and the Reconstruction Era: A Roundtable Discussion Career Diversity for Historians Mellon Foundation Grant: Experiences at the University of New Mexico and Columbia University Native American Servitude and Unfree Labor: Rethinking the History of Slavery and Race in North America
Career Diversity for Historians Mellon Foundation Grant: Experiences at UCLA and the University of Chicago Reconstruction and American Capitalism Writing Chicano History: The Work and Legacy of Mario T. Garcia
Racism in American Political Economy: A Critical and Historical Assessment Currents of Association: Afro-Caribbean (Im)Migrants in the United States and at Home in the Early-Twentieth Century Power and Government in the Atlantic World: How Political Discourse, Disease, and Warfare Shaped the Development of Government in the Eighteenth Century
'War is a Racket:' Using Interactive Digital Instruction methods to Teach American Imperialism Gender, Race, and Rights: Antebellum Debates over Slavery and African American Citizenship in U.S. Territories and Abroad Intersections in Agricultural History: Common Threads Across Time and Space
Black Women's Labor: Economics, Culture and Politics Teaching History within the Carceral State: A Panel Discussion on Mississippi's Prison-to-College-Pipeline Program Gay Purges, the University, and the South: Queer History and the Archives
 The Mississippi River: The Flow of Religion, Tourism, and Music (Re)Circulating Womanhood: Feminism, Femininity and Fashion in Twentieth Century Print Culture Fighting on Two Fronts: Women's Suffrage, World War One, and Jack Pershing's "Hello Girls"

Film Screening: Warrior Women: The Red Power Movement and Female Leadership

Youth and Education in the Early Republican Trans-Atlantic World New Directions in the Study of the Black Campus Movement
Youth Ambassadors, International Friendships, and the Cold War Civil Rights Era Prisons and Policing in Louisiana: History, Politics, Representation Circulating Critical Approaches to Family Histor
Circulating Conflict: Photography and the Representation of War Since Katrina: Race, Class, & the Environment in the Classroom "Pink Professionals": Histories of Working Women, Culture, and Reform
Arsenal to the World: The Missing History of the U.S. Arms Trade Routes to Power: New Views of African American Activism and Education Disability History in the Mainstream: Incorporating a New Category of Analysis
Grades of Purity: Agricultural Marketing and Circulating Commodities Disease, Race, and Nation: Circulating Medical Knowledge and Contesting Medical Authority in the Nineteenth-Century Circum-Caribbean Centers and Margins: Women's Grassroots Activism and American Politics
Teaching Early Louisiana and Colonialism in the U.S. History Survey Classroom Historians of Capitalism and Labor – a Conversation Bodies, Agents, and Exchange: Legal and Economic Perspectives on the Domestic Slave Trade
Sites of Circulation: American Theaters in the Late Nineteenth Century Looking Forward: Imagining the Future of Contingent Historians Making History Come Alive: The Art of Non-Digital Innovation
Moving in the Direction of Freedom: Shifting Perspectives on Fugitivity and the Underground Railroad   The Politics and Profit of Printed Images in the Early U.S.
    Contested Liberty: Negotiating Race and Freedom in the Antebellum South