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At a time when we so easily communicate in front of the screens of our computers, tablets, and telephones, we can forget the value of the impression made in a face-to-face meeting. The verbal sharing of ideas and the subtleties of body language can lead to a far more satisfying and effective exchange. This is why the OAH has created the Sit. Talk. Share. events. These events focus on ways to encourage and nurture face-to-face interaction; to share ideas and opinions, and to connect and discuss career opportunities. We encourage everyone to participate and help grow our community of historians by sitting, talking, and sharing.


Are you interested in publishing your work? The Hub offers you the opportunity to connect with a select group of publishers in a private, focused setting to chat about the future of your manuscript.

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This Mentorship Program is designed to connect graduate students, recent graduates, or those in the early stages of their career with established scholars to discuss research, professional aspirations,
or simply to get acquainted.

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Located in the Plenary Theater on Saturday - Attendees are invited to meet and talk in conditions of equality; to learn, teach, debate, or discuss issues, topics, and trends that are important to them and the profession in a relaxed and unstructured environment.

List of topics

Meet with OAH Career Coach Dr. Kate Duttro

Dr. Kate Duttro, a career coach for "recovering academics," has worked with grad students, post-docs, adjuncts, and nontenured faculty to help them find the work they most want to do, especially when moving beyond traditional academic career paths.

Dr. Duttro will be available on Friday and Saturday for individual sessions with attendees. Meetings will last for 50 minutes and advance registration is highly recommended.

To make a reservation email  membership@oah.org