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Sunday Sessions

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9:00 am - 10:30 am

10:45 am - 12:15 pm 

Games and History Learning: "Mission US" Democratizing Violence in the Post-Civil War South

Empire and Labor: Rethinking How U.S. Empire "Works"

Crossing Borders, Linking Lives: Immigrants, Labor, and Landscapes in the Modern South
Imagining the Mind-Body Connection in the 19th Century Corruption and the Circulation of Capital in American History

Place-Making and Cultural Negotiation in the American Pacific

Toward a New Remembering of the Black Freedom Movement: A State of the Field Conversation
Who's Teaching the Kids: Charter Schools and American Public Education Human Rights as a Language of Power in American Foreign Relations
Bodies in Motion: State Deportation on the U.S./Canadian Border in the Early Twentieth Century  

Roundtable: Post-World War II Indigenous Circulations

Disfranchisement, Past and Present
The Reconstruction Amendments in Law, Politics, and History Cosmopolitan Capital: Circulations of Currency, Knowledge, and People in Black Washington, 1930-1960
Mobilizing the Third Sector: On the Transnational Reach of American Philanthropy Africanizing the Atlantic
Evangelical Networks and Transnational Alliances Trade and Travail: Mobilizing Labor and Provisions in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1700-1850