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Sit. Talk. Share: The Hub

The OAH is proud to again offer the opportunity for ice-breaker conversations between attendees and exhibiting publishers with their works. Since the program began three years ago, we have received feedback to help us make the Hub increasingly beneficial for both attendees and publishers.

The publishers listed below are eager to hear and connect with Annual Meeting attendees. In 2018 attendees are asked to send their contact information and manuscript or proposal to the publisher best suited to their interest area listed below. Please send your information to the email indicated in the description below to set up a meeting time.

Eligibility and guidelines:

  • This program is only available to current OAH members who are registered to attend the 2018 OAH Meeting in Sacramento.
  • Each participant must have a ready manuscript, dissertation, or proposal to present to the publisher
  • Each participant should select the publisher who most match their research interest

Participating publishers include:

Beacon Press

Beacon is interested in publishing academics who have written at least one previous book and are committed to writing a more accessible and "crossover" history book. Beacon is particularly interested in publishing on issues of race, ethnicity, gender and class.

To book an appointment contact Gayatri Patnaik GPatnaik@beacon.org


SUNY Press acquisitions editor Amanda Lanne-Camilli is interested in meeting with potential authors at the 2018 OAH meeting. SUNY Press publishes in a wide variety of areas including African American studies, Latino/a studies, Indigenous studies, Italian American studies, Jewish studies, Queer studies, Women’s and Gender studies, New York State studies, and Nineteenth-Century studies. We welcome proposals for both our scholarly list and our trade imprint Excelsior Editions.

To book an appointment contact: Amanda Lanne-Camilli at amanda.lanne-camilli@sunypress.edu

University of Pittsburgh Press

The editorial director Sandy Crooms invites attendees to meet with the University of Pittsburgh Press. They are in growth mode and looking for projects in African American studies and urban history. They are also interested in building up our regional early American history list. They have three series in Latin American studies and a thriving environmental history list. First books are welcome. To make an appointment contact: Sandy Crooms at scrooms@pitt.edu.


University of Missouri Press

Andrew J. Davidson, the editor-in-chief of the University of Missouri Press, invites you to meet with him to discuss ideas and proposals for new book projects in American history and culture, including intellectual history, military history, and biography, as well as African American studies, Native American studies, and women’s studies.

To book an appointment contact Andrew Davidson at davidsonaj@missouri.edu

Yale University Press

I look for projects in all subfields of American history that challenge and change the historiographical conversation, as well as projects that address and inform essential questions in the public sphere and that seek to bring a historian’s perspective to a broad readership. I am particularly interested in projects that conceptualize American history broadly and place the United States in a global context. Themes and topics of particular interest are the way environmental factors and climate crises have shaped societies, the history of empires and the resistance to empires, the history of economic and financial development, connections between the United States and Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the history of borderlands, histories of human migration, the rise of the right, African American history, Latino history, and Native American history.

To book an appointment contact Adina Berk at Adina.berk@yale.edu