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Sit. Talk. Share: “Hey, I Know Your Work!” Mentorship Program

What is it? We invite graduate students, recent graduates, or those in the early stages of their career to meet with seasoned scholars to discuss their research, professional aspirations, or simply to get acquainted.

The OAH Committee on the Status of African American, Latino/a, Asian American, and Native American (ALANA) Historians and ALANA Histories and the Society for the History of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (SHGAPE) are partnering with the OAH to provide mentors  who are specifically interested in mentoring attendees of color or who are interested in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.  Look for ALANA or SHGAPE endorsed mentors in the listing 

How does it work? Select mentors from a list located on the OAH website beginning in December 2017. The list will include the mentors titles and research interests. Potential mentees provide the OAH with their full contact information, bio, and a list of their top three mentor choices.

Connect: The OAH will assign up to three mentees to a mentor based on availability. In March 2018 all mentors and mentees are connected with each other to finalize their scheduled meeting time.

Meet: During the event, mentors and mentees meet for coffee and conversation at a predetermined time. Meetings last between forty-five minutes and one hour.

Why? Many attendees recall being lonely and even a bit isolated at a large academic conference and then seeing a well-known historian (or recognizing a name on a badge) in the elevator or hotel corridor and wishing for an introduction. This program takes the awkwardness out of those introductions and helps forge professional and personal relationships.

How do I become a mentee? Mentees will be accepted in January 2018. Mentees will be asked to submit their contact information, a short bio, and their top three mentor choices. Mentors can only meet with up to three mentees; those slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see the list of mentors at url to come and email your selection and information to meetings@oah.org.

MENTORS (in alphabetical order by last name)


Gabriela Arredondo

Department Chair and Associate Professor,
Latin American & Latina/o Studies Deptartment,
Merrill Faculty Services, UCSC

Latinx/Chicanx histories/studies, migrations/immigration histories,
the Americas, critical race histories/studies, women's history,
20th century U.S. social history

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Megan Birk

Associate Professor of History,
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Author of Fostering on the Farm: Child Placement in the Rural Midwest 
social history, food History, Progressive era

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Sharon Block

Department of History,
University of California Irvine

Sexuality, gender, race and slavery, colonial North America, digital humanities, diversity in academia

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Rachel Buff

Professor of History,
Director, Cultures and Communities Program,
Coordinator, Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Immigration and cultural history

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Jon Butler

Howard R. Lamar Professor Emeritus of
American Studies, History, and Religious Studies, Yale University,
Adjunct Research Professor of History,
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

American religious history from the colonial period to the present, colonial American history, modern American history from the Gilded Age to the 1960s

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Boyd Cothran

Associate Professor, York University,
Editor, Journal of the Gilded Age
and Progressive Era

Indigenous history, Gilded Age and Progressive era,
cultural history, public history, memory studies

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Emilye Crosby

Professor of History,
Coordinator of Black Studies,

The modern Civil Rights Movement

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Sarah Deutsch

Professor of History,
Duke University

Race, class, and gender in 19th and 20th century,
Latinx history, history of the US west, urban history

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Paul Finkelman

Fulbright Chair in Human Rights
and Social Justice,
University of Ottawa,
John E. Murray Visiting Professor of Law,
University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Slavery, race relations, legal history, constitutional history,
early national period to reconstruction, history of sports

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James Fraser Professor of History and Education,
Steinhardt School of Culture,
Education, and Human Development,
New York University

History of American education, history of the role of religion in U.S. schools, history of teacher education in the U.S., globally teaching U.S. history in K-12 schools

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Lawrence Friedman

Professor of History Emeritus,
Indiana University

Personality theory, American and European intellectual history, the Cold War, history of psychology and psychiatry

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Andrea Geiger Associate Professor,
Department of History
Simon Fraser University

Trans-Pacific & borderlands history, race, contact relations, migration, legal history
author of Subverting Exclusion: Transpacific Encounters with Race, Caste, and Borders, 1885-1928 (Yale University)

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Julie Greene

Professor of History,
University of Maryland at College Park

Labor and working-class history, global approaches to U.S. history, immigration, imperialism

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Ruby P. Guevarra Jr.

Associate Professor and Honors Faculty,
Asian Pacific American Studies,
School of Social Transformation,
Arizona State University

Asian American and Pacific Islander history, Chicanx and Latinx history, comparative ethnic studies, critical mixed race studies, race and ethnicity, U.S. borderlands and labor history, transnational and transpacific migration, oral history and memory

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Kelly Lytle Hernandez

Professor of History and African American Studies,
Director, Ralph Bunche Center
for African American Studies,

Race, immigration, the Carceral State

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Kristin Lee Hoganson

Professor of History,
The University of Illinois,

American empire (especially around the turn of the twentieth century), foreign relations, global history with a U.S. angle, material culture, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, U.S. Heartland, histories of bioprospecting, geographic consciousness, regionalism, scientific agriculture, animal studies

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Lu Ann Jones

Staff Historian,
National Park Service

Public history, oral history, agricultural history, history of the US South, women's history

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Wilma King

Arvarh E. Strickland
Professor Emerita,
University of Missouri

African American history, slavery, emancipation

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Bryan Lamkin Professor of History,
Director of General Education,
Azusa Pacific University

American ethnic and immigration history, 19th century U.S. cultural history, history of the American West

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Beth Lew-Williams

Assistant Professor,
Department of History,
Princeton University

Author of The Chinese Must Go: Violence, Exclusion, and the Making of the Alien in America (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2018)  race and migration, Asian American history

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James Marten Professor and Department Chair,
Department of History,
Marquette University

Nineteenth century US; Civil War era (particularly homefront); Civil War veterans; childhood

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Susan Matt

Presidential Distinguished
Professor, History Department,
Weber State University

History of emotions, American social and cultural history

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Kate Masur

Associate Professor of History,
Wayne V. Jones II Research Professor,
Northwestern University

19th century, slavery, emancipation, race, and politics,
interested in mentoring young women historians

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Michael Mcdonnell

Associate Professor,
Department of History,
SOPHI  Faculty of Arts

The American Revolution, Native American history, the Atlantic world

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Alan McPherson

Thomas J. Freaney Jr. Professor of History
Director, Center for the Study of
Force and Diplomacy (CENFAD),
Temple University

Foreign relations, U.S.-Latin American relations

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Chad Montrie

History Department,
University of Massachusetts Lowell

History of American environmentalism, social and labor history, 19th and 20th Century US history, race relations

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Christopher Nichols

OAH Distinguished Lecturer,
Associate Professor of History,
Oregon State University, Director of the Oregon State University Center for the Humanities

Author of Promise and Peril: America at the Dawn of a Global Age (Harvard UP, 2011, 2015) isolationism, internationalism, and globalization

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Johann Neem

Chair and Professor,
Department of History,
Western Washington University

American Revolution, early American Republic, history of education, higher education

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Graham Peck

Professor of History,
Saint Xavier University

Early American history, 19th century America, methods courses, Illinois history, Japanese history, historical documentary filmmaking, origins of the Civil War

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Nicole Phelps

Associate Professor of History,
University of Vermont

Gilded Age & Progressive Era, diplomatic and transnational history, state building and the federal government, low-budget digital history, race and immigration, teaching undergraduate and graduate research methods courses, and teaching history to non-majors

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Lara Putnam

UCIS Research Professor,
Chair, Department of History,
University of Pittsburgh

Latin American and Caribbean history, issues of migration, family, gender

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Lynn Rainville

Research Professor in the Humanities,
Sweet Briar College


Enslaved communities in Virginia, historic African American cemeteries, World War I, poorfarms. Author of Hidden History: African American Cemeteries in Virginia (UVA Pres 2014); Sweet Briar College (Arcadia 2015); Virginia's Role in the Great War (McFarland, 2018).

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Alicia Rodriquez Professor,
Social Science Program Coordinator,
Department of History,
California State University Bakersfield

Late nineteenth and early twentieth century U.S history, political and social movements, race relations,
especially interested in mentoring people of color

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Renee Romano Robert S. Danforth Professor of History, Professor of Comparative American Studies
and Africana Studies,
Oberlin College

Post-WWII history, race, African American history, historical memory, sexuality

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Suzanne Smith

Professor of History,
Internship Director,
Department of History and Art History,
George Mason University

African American history; U.S. cultural history; popular music history; history of death in America; African American religious history. Author of To Serve The Living: Funeral Directors and the African American Way of Death and "Dancing in the Street": Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit

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Paul Spickard

Affiliate Professor of Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Religious Studies, East Asian Studies, and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies,
University of California, Santa Barbara

Race, immigration, African American, Asian American, and mixed race identities and histories

Faculty Page
Nicholas Syrett

Professor and Chair,
Women, Gender,
and Sexuality Studies Department,
University of Kansas

History of gender and sexuality in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century United States, histories of masculinity, marriage, and queer lives

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Amy Wood Professor, Department of History,
Illinois State University

Criminal justice, cultural history, the South

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David Yoo Vice Provost, Asian American Studies and History, UCLA

20th century U.S. social history, immigration, race, religion, the U.S. West, Asian American history

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