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Mapping the Conference: Theme Visualizer

The OAH is excited to provide a new way to explore the conference program as a part of our efforts to reimagine the academic conference. This year, we have developed new methods for navigating the program to bring out connections and themes across the conference. Participants can now explore across proposals and papers based on themes. Using a computational method called topic modeling, which identifies latent themes in a textual corpus, each proposal and paper is assigned to a topic. Participants are able to select a theme and see related proposals across formats. One goal is to show session formats such as a Chats, “Doing History” workshops and paper sessions that share a common focus, which may not be immediately apparent. The same search functionality is available to explore papers. Select a theme such as "civil rights" and see related paper abstracts and corresponding information such as speaker, date, and time. The goal is to make explicit latent connections across the conference so that participants can follow a different and unexpected path through the conference.