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9:00 am - 10:30 am 

10:45 am - 12:15 pm

The Library, the Archives and the Undergraduate: Teaching with Manuscript Materials Educating Future History Teachers: Models of University and High School Collaboration
Spatial Expressions of Race in the 20th Century City Hold the Line: Enforcement Practices and Border Crossers and the American-Canadian Border, 1910s-1950s
Rainbow Resurgence: Rethinking Urban Coalitions in Chicago during the Age of Reagan
Soldier Marriages and International Adoptions: The Foreign and Domestic Politics of Dependent Migrants Remaking Postwar New England: Chinese and Latino Communities in Massachusetts and Connecticut
Media in American Political History Teaching Citizenship in Nineteenth-Century America
Kissinger and the World, the World and Kissinger: New Perspectives on the Diplomacy of the Nixon-Ford Era Rethinking the Boundaries of the New Left in a Border-Crossing Age: Left Politics in the Long 1970s
The Triumph of Internationalism Revisited: US Domestic and Transatlantic Debates over America's Role in the World Mapping American Settlement and Border Construction over Space and Time
North on South: Rethinking Regionalism in the 19th century United States Labor Management and Migration in Mexican America
Teaching Ancient America Guardians of Government: Ground Level Perspectives of American State Formation during the Progressive Era
Encountering Community: Health Activism in New York City, 1960-present: Science, Medicine, and Public Health New Perspectives on African American Mobility in the American South
Whiteness and the Ethnic "Other": Scandinavian-American Perspectives New Perspectives on the 1924 Immigration Act: 90 Years Later
Economies of the Unexpected: Slaves, Female Farmers, and Families across the Rural Antebellum South State of the Field: Disease and American History
Religion in American History Is Blogging Scholarship?
Boundaries of Freedom: Teaching the Construction of Race and Slavery in the AP U.S. History Course Reconsidering the Family and Medical Leave Act after Twenty Years: A Roundtable
Pacific Currents: Re-Imagining Empire, Gender, and Ethnicity in the Pre-World War II Transpacific