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Binkley-Stephenson Award Winners

2018 Robert Lee, Harvard University, “Accounting for Conquest: The Price of the Louisiana Purchase of Indian Country” (March 2017)

2017 Yael A. Sternhell, Tel Aviv University, "The Afterlives of a Confederate Archive: Civil War Documents and the Making of Sectional Reconciliation" (March 2016)

2016 Benjamin A. Coates, Wake Forest University, "Securing Hegemony through Law: Venezuela, the U.S. Asphalt Trust, and the Uses of International Law, 1904–1909" (September 2015)

2015 James D. Rice, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, "Bacon's Rebellion in Indian Country" (December 2014)

2014 Sarah E. Cornell, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "Citizens of Nowhere: Fugitive Slaves and Free African Americans in Mexico, 1833–1857" (September 2013)

2013 Matthew Avery Sutton, Washington State University, “Was fdr the Antichrist? The Birth of the Fundamentalist Antiliberalism in a Global Age” (March 2012)

2012 Kevin J. Mumford, University of Iowa, "The Trouble with Gay Rights: Race and the Politics of Sexual Orientation in Philadelphia, 1969–1982" (June 2011)

2011 Bernhard Rieger, University College London, "From People’s Car to New Beetle: The Transatlantic Journeys of the Volkswagen Beetle" (June 2010)

2010 Volker Janssen, California State University Fullerton, "When the ‘Jungle’ Met the Forest: Public Work, Civil Defense, and Prison Camps in Postwar California" (December 2009)

2009 Tami J. Friedman, Brock University, “Exploiting the North-South Differential: Corporate Power, Southern Politics and the Decline of Organized Labor after World War II” (September 2008)

2008 Kate Masur, Northwestern University, "‘A Rare Phenomenon of Philological Vegetation’: The Word 'Contraband' and the Meanings of Emancipation in the United States" (March 2007)

2007 Laura McEnaney, Whittier College, "Nightmares on Elm Street: Demobilizing in Chicago, 1945–1953" (JAH, March 2006)

2006 Jamie J. Fader, Michael B. Katz, and Mark J. Stern, University of Pennsylvania, "The New African American Inequality" (JAH, June 2005)

2005 Jason Opal, Colby College, “Exciting Emulation: Academies and the Transformation of the Rural North, 1780s–820s" (JAH, September 2004)

2004 Gail Radford, State University of New York, Buffalo, "From Municipal Socialism to Public Authorities: Institutional Factors in the Shaping of American Public Enterprise " (JAH, December 2003)

2003 Michael J. Klarman, University of Virginia, "Is the Supreme Court Sometimes Irrelevant? Race and the Southern Justice System in the 1940s" (JAH, June 2002)

2002 Jeanette Keith, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, "The Politics of Southern Draft Resistance, 1917–918," (JAH, March 2001)

2001 Elizabeth A. Fenn, George Washington University, "Biological Warfare in Eighteenth-Century North America: Beyond Jeffrey Amherst" (JAH, March 2000)

2000 Mary Hershberger, Capital University, "Mobilizing Women, Anticipating Abolition: The Struggle Against Indian Removal in the 1830s,"(JAH, June, 1999)

1999 Charles Capper, "A Little Beyond: The Problem of the Transcendentalist Movement in American History," (JAH, September, 1998)

1998 Glenn C. Altschuler, Jean Harvey Baker, Norma Basch, Stuart M. Blumin, Harry L. Watson, "Political Engagement and Disengagement in Antebellum America," (JAH, December, 1997)

1997 Michael Bellesiles, "The Origins of Gun Culture in the United States, 1760–1865," (JAH, September, 1996)

1996 Elizabeth B. Clark, "‘The Sacred Rights of the Weak’: Pain, Sympathy, and the Culture of Individual Rights in Antebellum America," (JAH, September, 1995)

1995 Lynn Y. Weiner, "Reconstructing Motherhood: The La Leche League in Postwar America," (JAH, March, 1994)

1994 Peter Way, "Evil Humors and Ardent Spirits: The Rough Culture of Canal Construction Laborers," (JAH, March, 1993)

1993 Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, "Dis-covering the Subject of the ‘Great Constitutional Discussion,’ 1786–1789," (JAH, December, 1992)

1992 Daniel Walker Howe, "The Evangelical Movement and Political Culture in the North During the Second Party System," (March, 1991)

Nancy MacLean, "The Leo Frank Case Reconsidered: Gender and Sexual Politics in the Making of Reactionary Populism," (December, 1991)

1991 W. Jeffrey Bolster, "‘To Feel Like a Man’: Black Seamen in the Northern States, 1800–1860," (March, 1990)

1990 Peter H. Argersinger, "The Value of the Vote: Political Representation in the Gilded Age," (June, 1989)

1989 Richard Oestreicher, "Urban Working-Class Political Behavior and Theories of American Electoral Politics, 1870–940," (March, 1988)

Shane White, "‘We Dwell in Safety and Pursue Our Honest Callings’: Free Blacks in New York City, 1783–1810," (September, 1988)

1988 Ellen Carol DuBois, "Working Women, Class Relations, and Suffrage Militance: Harriot Stanton Blatch and the New York Woman Suffrage Movement, 1894–1909," (June, 1987)

1987 Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, "Disorderly Women: Gender and Labor Militancy in the Appalachian South," (September, 1986)

1986 Jo Ann Manfra and Robert R. Dykstra, "Serial Marriage and the Origins of the Black Stepfamily: The Rowanty Evidence," (June, 1985)

1985 Frank Ninkovich, "The Rockefeller Foundation, China, and Cultural Change," (March, 1984)

1984 Peter Kolchin, "Reevaluating the Antebellum Slave Community: A Comparative Perspective," (December, 1983)

1983 Joyce Appleby, "Commercial Farming and the Agrarian Myth," (March, 1982)

1982 Stanley E. Hilton, "The United States, Brazil, and the Cold War, 1945–1960: End of the Special Relationship," (December, 1981)

1981 Nelson Lichtenstein, "Auto Workers Militancy and The Structure of Factory Life 1937–1955," (September, 1980)

1980 Karen Ordahl Kupperman, "Apathy and Death in Early Jamestown" (June, 1979)

1979 Athan Theoharis, "The Truman Administration and the Decline of Civil Liberties," (March, 1978)

1978 Burton I. Kaufman, "Mideast Multinational Oil, U.S. Foreign Policy and Antitrust, the 1950s," (March, 1977)

1977 Brian L. Villa, "The U.S. Army, Unconditional Surrender and the Potsdam Proclamation," (June, 1976)

1976 Richard Allen Gerber, "The Liberal Republican," (June, 1975)

1975 Albro Martin, "The Troubled Subject of Railroad Regulation in the Gilded Age—A Reappraisal," (September, 1974)

1974 Carroll Smith-Rosenberg and Charles Rosenberg, "The Female Animal: Medical and Biological Views of Woman and her Role in Nineteenth-Century America," (September, 1973)

1973 Richard H. Kohn, "The Washington Administration’s Decision to Crush the Whiskey Rebellion," (December, 1972)

1972 Clifford W. Trow, "Woodrow Wilson and the Mexican Interventionist Movement of 1919," (June, 1971)

1971 Edwin A. Weinstein, "Woodrow Wilson’s Neurological Illness," (September, 1970)

1970 David P. Thelen, "Social Tensions and the Origins of Progressivism," (September, 1969)

1969 Paul S. Holbo, "The Convergence of Moods and Cuban-Bond ‘Conspiracy’ of 1898" (June, 1968)

1968 Alan Jones, "Tom M. Cooley and Laissez-Faire Constitutionalism, a Reconsideration," (March, 1967) Allen Weinstein, "Was There a Crime in 1873? The Case of the Demonetized Dollar," (September, 1967)

1967 John P. Campbell, "Taft, Roosevelt, and Arbitration Treaties of 1911," (September, 1966)