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David Thelen Award


The David Thelen Award (formerly the Foreign Language Article Prize) is given biennially by the Organization of American Historians to the author of the best article on American history published in a foreign language. The winning article will be published in the Journal of American History. David Thelen was editor of the Journal of American History (1985–1999).

Each entry must have been published during the preceding two calendar years (2013–2014).

To be eligible, an article should be concerned with the past (recent or distant) or with issues of continuity and change. It should also be concerned with events or processes that began, developed, or ended in what is now the United States. It should make a significant and original contribution to the understanding of US history. We welcome comparative and international studies that fall within these guidelines.

The OAH invites authors of eligible articles to nominate their work. We urge scholars who know of eligible publications written by others to inform those authors of this award. Since the purpose of the award is to expose Americanists to scholarship originally published in a language other than English—to overcome the language barrier that keeps scholars apart—this award is not open to articles whose manuscripts were originally submitted for publication in English or by people for whom English is their first language.

Submission Procedures

Please write a one- to two-page essay (in English) explaining why the article is a significant and original contribution to our understanding of American history.

The essay and five copies of the article, clearly labeled “2016 David Thelen Award Entry,” must be mailed to the following address and received by May 1, 2015:

Edward T. Linenthal (Chair, 2016 David Thelen Award Committee)
Executive Editor, OAH/ Editor, Journal of American History
Journal of American History
1215 East Atwater Avenue
Bloomington IN 47401

The application should also include the following information:

Copies of the article and application will be reviewed by contributing editors of the Journal of American History who are proficient in the language of the submission, as well as by referees (proficient in the language of the submitted article) who are experts on its subject matter.

The final decision will be made by the David Thelen Award Committee by February 2016. The winner will be provided with details regarding the OAH Annual Meeting and awards presentation, where she or he will receive a cash award to assist with the translation and a plaque. The winning article will be printed in the Journal of American History.

David Thelen Award Committee

Edward T. Linenthal, Executive Editor, OAH/Editor, Journal of American History (Committee Chair)
Kate Brown, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Max M. Edling, King's College London
Mari Yoshihara, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa


List of Past Winners