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2015 OAH Annual Meeting Call for Proposals

The OAH Program Committee is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals (CFP) for the 2015 OAH Annual Meeting to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, April 16-19. The conference is organized around the theme, "Taboos." During recent decades, historians have approached history from a wide range of perspectives and developed innovative methodologies that have opened up new fields of historical inquiry and understanding. In all fields of history, however, certain topics remain taboo. The courage to challenge such taboos, to offer fresh interpretations and to ask original kinds of questions marks the historical work that most inspires us and often signals important turns in historiographical approach. In the judgment of the program committee members, challenging taboos does not reduce the significance of familiar topics, but deepens and enriches their meaning by enlivening the conversation they inspire. Submissions will be accepted between December 2, 2013 and January 22, 2014. Read more > 

Posted: November 25, 2013
Tagged: Calls for Papers