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Archival Innovator Award

Created in 2011, this award recognizes an individual archivist, a group of archivists, a repository, or an organization that demonstrates, through a combination of as many as possible of the criteria below, the greatest overall current impact on the profession or their communities.

· Creativity or innovation in approaching professional challenges.

· Demonstrated ability to think outside of professional or institutional norms.

· Ability to translate creativity, innovation, and new thinking into working solutions.

· Development of an archives program or outreach activity that has an extraordinary impact on a community.

· Commitment to the advancement of professional knowledge through traditional or emerging information-sharing media.

Link to the full citation and nomination form: http://www2.archivists.org/governance/handbook/section12-innovators

Link to an article in Archival Outlook on how to write an award nomination:

http://www.bluetoad.com/publication/?m=30305&l=1 , page 12.

Posted: January 23, 2015
Tagged: Awards and Prizes