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OAH 2020 Election Opens Monday, December 2, 2019

Each fall, individual members of the Organization of American Historians cast their ballots for the annual OAH election using the slate of candidates prepared by the OAH Nominating Board.  Each candidate is asked to prepare brief biographical information, including some of their most important publications, grants, fellowships, honors and awards, along with a personal statement. As outlined in Article V of the OAH Constitution, nominating and executive board candidates who receive the highest number of votes serve a three–year term in office. Election results are reported at the annual business meeting each spring.

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New Speakers Added To The Distinguished Lectureship Program For 2019-2020

The Distinguished Lectureship Program welcomes the addition of 21 new speakers, appointed by OAH President Joanne Meyerowitz. The new lecturers join a roster of nearly 600 prominent historians who speak to audiences across the country on all facets of U. S. history. "OAH’s Distinguished Lecturers provide a vital service to communities, libraries, museums, and universities by increasing public awareness and understanding of the importance of American history,” says Katherine M. Finley, the OAH’s executive director. “We congratulate these individuals on achieving this high honor and we thank them for their service to OAH." The new lecturers offer expertise on issues including immigration, women's rights, racism, and civil rights, and on the histories of labor, medicine, slavery, religion and technology. Distinguished Lecturers may be booked to headline events and commemorations and to bring context to today's most perplexing issues.

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$500,000 in Five Years - OAH Launches Capital Campaign to Build Endowment

After his presidential address at the 2019 OAH Annual Meeting, Professor Earl Lewis announced a generous donation of $50,000 to build the OAH endowment fund. He then issued a challenge: If OAH members raised $500,000 in the next five years, he will donate an additional $50,000. Since the campaign began late this summer, OAH members have donated or pledged over $135,000 (not counting Earl Lewis’ donation) toward the $500,000 goal.

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The American Historian

Cover of the September 2019 issue of the Journal of American History

The December issue of The American Historian is out now!

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Endowment Campaign Goal: $500,000

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To date, the OAH has raised $135,000 in pledges and donations for the endowment fund.