May 18, 2015

The Organization of American Historians appointed 48 new speakers to its prestigious Distinguished Lectureship Program this spring.

These scholars, who are affiliated with some of the nation’s top universities, join more than 400 other OAH Distinguished Lecturers who speak to audiences across the country each year. They are widely sought for appearances at museums, libraries, universities, community and civic centers, churches, and other venues.

The lecturers promote understanding and appreciation of all facets of U.S. history from the 1600s through the present, which is an important component of the organization’s mission.

According to Katherine M. Finley, OAH’s executive director, the speaking fees earned by the speakers are an important part of the organization’s non-dues revenue stream. “We thank these historians for their service to the organization and helping us advance our mission,” she added.

New OAH Distinguished Lecturers for 2015-16:

  • Patrick Allitt – Emory University
  • Carol Anderson – Emory University
  • Annette Atkins Saint – John’s University & the College of Saint Benedict
  • Davarian L. Baldwin – Trinity College
  • Edward E. Baptist – Cornell University
  • Holly Brewer – University of Maryland
  • Tomiko Brown-Nagin – Harvard University
  • Angus R. Burgin – Johns Hopkins University
  • N. D. B. Connolly – Johns Hopkins University
  • Richard Wightman Fox – University of Southern California
  • Brett Gadsden – Emory University
  • Beverly Gage – Yale University
  • Judith Giesberg – Villanova University
  • Tiffany M. Gill – University of Delaware
  • David T. Gleeson Northumbria – University Newcastle upon Tyne
  • David Greenberg – Rutgers University
  • Daniel Greene – Northwestern University
  • R. Marie Griffith – Washington University
  • John W. Hall – University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Shane Hamilton – University of Georgia
  • Andrew Hartman – Illinois State University
  • Sarah E. Igo – Vanderbilt University
  • Benjamin H. Irvin – University of Arizona
  • Walter Johnson – Harvard University
  • William Powell Jones – University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jonathan Levy – Princeton University
  • Cathy Matson – University of Delaware
  • Ajay K. Mehrotra – Indiana University
  • Stephen A. Mihm – University of Georgia
  • J. Todd Moye – University of North Texas
  • Jason M. Opal – McGill University
  • Robert Orsi – Northwestern University
  • Susie J. Pak – St. John’s University
  • Sarah T. Phillips – Boston University
  • Claire Bond Potter – The New School
  • Andrew Preston – Cambridge University
  • Kate Ramsey – University of Miami
  • Natalie J. Ring – University of Texas at Dallas
  • Jarod Roll – University of Mississippi
  • Leigh Eric Schmidt – Washington University
  • Mark Smith – University of South Carolina
  • Christina Snyder – Indiana University
  • Matthew Avery Sutton – Washington State University
  • Juliet E. K. Walker – University of Texas at Austin
  • Caroline Winterer – Stanford University
  • Victoria Saker Woeste – American Bar Foundation
  • Andrew Zimmerman – George Washington University
  • Lea VanderVelde – University of Iowa

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