April 12, 2016


The OAH 2016 Annual Meeting is now history, but we hope that the conversations it inspired will continue. We collected the tweets for almost forty live-tweeted panels in Storify. Check out our roundup of the blog coverage on OAH 2016 below. Did we miss something? Probably! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it. Thanks to everyone for a great Annual Meeting.


History News Network:

John Fea:

Michelle Moravec:

Elise Leal (at John Fea’s blog):

Michael David Cohen (at John Fea’s blog):

Dan Rober (at John Fea’s blog):

Kate Carte Engel:

Kris Klein Hernandez (at Borderlands History blog):

Tom Cutterham (at the Junto blog):

Emily Contois:

L.D. Burnett:

UNC Press Blog: