2022 OAH Diversity Fellowship

August 27, 2021

Application Deadline: December 1, 2021

The Organization of American Historians, together with the Department of History at Indiana University, offers the OAH Diversity Fellowship every three years to support doctoral study in the field of U.S. History. The OAH Diversity Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for students from underrepresented groups in academia to study in Indiana University’s Department of History, while gaining practical experience in the classroom as teaching assistants and in the variety of work the OAH does to support the historical profession. OAH Diversity Fellows receive five years of funding, including tuition, health insurance, and a living expenses stipend. During the five-year term, fellows work part-time as teaching assistants in the Department of History for one year, work part-time for the Organization of American Historians for two years, and have no employment responsibilities for two years. During their two-year term with OAH, students have the opportunity to work on editing, public history, and/or research and advocacy projects.

The Indiana University Department of History offers a thriving graduate program, which consistently ranks among the nation’s top 25 history graduate programs at public universities. IU History graduate students have access to world-class faculty and libraries, the publication offices of journals of record in the field, and a variety of academic and professional resources designed to prepare them for careers in academia, government, and the non-profit and private sectors.

The Organization of American Historians is the largest professional organization in the country representing historians of U.S. history. The OAH promotes excellence in the scholarship, teaching and presentation of U.S. history, encourages wide discussion of historical questions, and is a leading voice for the equitable treatment of all history practitioners. The OAH publishes the Journal of American History and The American Historian magazine, undertakes a wide range of projects with the National Park Service, and maintains a robust schedule of academic and public programming. As an External Agency of Indiana University, the OAH national office and Journal of American History publication office are located on IU’s Bloomington campus.

Potential fellowship recipients are identified as part of the competitive application process for admission into the IU History Ph.D. program. The deadline for admission applications is December 1, 2021. Learn more about the graduate program in history at Indiana University.