OAH Issues Statement on Threats to Inclusive History

June 26, 2023

The Executive Committee of the Organization of American Historians has issued a statement on Threats to Inclusive History. In the context of the controversy of the Museum of the American Revolution hosting a scheduled event for Moms for Liberty during the upcoming Joyful Warriors national summit in Philadelphia, the statement condemns groups that “that threaten by word and action the ability of teachers to teach, students to learn, scholars to produce and amplify histories of systemic discrimination, and the safety of individuals for whom that discrimination still reverberates today.” The statement asserts that “there are multiple harms at the center of the agenda of these groups: harm to accurate and inclusive history, harm to the work undertaken everyday by our community of historians, and harm to individual historians—especially in the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.”

The statement further expresses support for public historians who are continuing to present to the public diverse and inclusive histories. “Our public history colleagues are interpreting the nation’s complex story for the public in a particularly fraught moment in our civic life,” the statement notes. “This work and gains that have been made in this space are in many respects fragile, and must be vigorously defended.” 

Founded in 1907, OAH’s mission is to promote excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of American history, and to encourage wide discussion of historical questions and the equitable treatment of all practitioners of history.