Labor History: Winter 2023 Issue of The American Historian

Focusing on the theme of “Labor History,” the Winter 2023 issue of The American Historian¬†is now available. The issue includes two feature articles on labor history. In “In Higher Education, Neutrality is Not an Option,” Cristina Viviana Groeger discusses the history of labor in universities, and shows that institutes of higher education have long had an anti-labor bent. In the second article, “Fighting Distortions and Erasures: Working Women in Mainstream Media Production,” Aimee Loiselle focuses on media representations of working-class women, and demonstrates how working-class women have often struggled to get their story accurately portrayed by the media.

The issue also contains an article on the importance of teaching U.S. territories in the classroom, a piece on Latine Studies, and the first presidential column by 2023-24 OAH President, Anthea Hartig.

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