Registration for 2024 Conference on American History Is Now Open

October 23, 2023

Registration for the 2024 OAH Conference on American History, “Public Dialogue, Relevance, and Change: Being in Service to Communities and the Nation,” is now open. The conference will convene in New Orleans on Thursday, April 11, through Sunday, April 14, at the New Orleans Marriott.

The current cascade of crises—viral, racial, economic, political, constitutional, and environmental—shape and shadow our communities and our nation. History and historians have a role to play in addressing these crises; documenting, writing, amplifying, and mediating stories that can inform our moment and promote social justice.

The 2024 OAH Conference on American History will honor and explore the ways in which individuals, communities, and historians work and learn together. Listening carefully to the intersections, richness, sorrows, and joys of the past, we’ll ask: How are historians in dialog with communities? How do we define respect and relevance for those we study and avoid extractive practices? How do historians partner with communities to create a more just, informed, and compassionate future in the United States and globally? How should practitioners of history be more accountable to diverse publics as we confront injustices in our contemporary moment? How do we identify and redress historic harms and seek restoration and reconciliation?

Connect, meet, learn, discover. For more information about the 2024 conference, including sessions, tours, special events, and hotel information, visit: