New TAH Issue Focuses on the History of Capitalism

November 8, 2023

Focusing on the theme of “Capitalism,” the most recent issue of The American Historian is now available. The issuefeatures three essays on the history of capitalism. In “The Trials of Isaac Wright: Enslaved People and the Intellectual Labor of Property,” Maria Montalvo discusses the experiences of three free Black men, their capture, enslavement, and “commodification” through violent, coercive practices Elizabeth Ingelson in “What ‘Made in China’ Hides” writes about the history of the label “Made in China” on manufactured goods and argues that the phrase represents a paradox between the nation-state and globalization. “A History of Corporate DEI—or a Black Power Method for Business History” by Jessica Ann Levy uses the history of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives among corporate America to show how early African American members appointed to corporate boards used their positions to advance the interests of the Black community.

The issue also contains an article on bringing historical reenactors in the K-12 classroom, another piece on how to use historical role-play in the classroom, and the president’s column, “‘Shifting How We Locate the Past:’ Emerging Directions in Labor and Capitalism Histories,” by OAH President Anthea Hartig.

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