Spring 2024 TAH Issue: The American Republic

April 29, 2024

The second issue of OAH’s U.S. History at 250 series, the Spring 2024 issue of The American Historian, “The American Republic,” is now available. As part of OAH’s U.S. History at 250 project, the TAH is publishing a nine-issue series focusing on U.S. history from colonial contact to the present, in the run-up to the Semiquincentennial in 2026. “The American Republic” issue features four essays, framed by an essay offering a broad overview and discussion of the uniqueness of the Early Republic compared to other periods of U.S. history, written by Shira Lurie

An essay by Jacqueline Beatty discusses the role of women in the American Revolution and the Early Republic to show how women carved out social revolutions on their own terms. Lorri Glover offers an overview of the ratification of the Constitution and argues that, contrary to popular belief, the Constitution’s ratification was not inevitable. In fact, the Constitution was ratified by only the smallest of margins after fierce debate. Frances Bell details the Haitian Revolution and its impact on U.S. society and shows how enslaved Haitians brought to the U.S. tried to claim freedom through legal channels, challenging the legal foundations of slavery in the U.S. The final essay by Woody Holton shows the importance of military history in understanding the American Revolution, and argues that to fully understand the social and cultural impact of the Revolution, one must understand military history.

The issue also includes articles on contingent faculty and the remaking of higher education, OAH News, and OAH President David Blight’s first President’s Column, “Reading with the Founders.” 

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