The Organization of American Historians (OAH) is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Nebraska. The OAH is governed by an executive board composed of fifteen elected volunteer leaders who fulfill the mission of the organization by setting policy, charting a course for the future, and overseeing the financial and legal matters of the organization.

Executive Board

Officers of the organization, the terms of office, and the annual OAH election process, are defined in the OAH Constitution. Members of the OAH Executive Board and OAH Nominating Board are elected by the OAH membership in an annual election. The OAH Nominating Board creates the annual slate of candidates for both boards. (View previous election slates.) Board members serve a three-year term, and each year, three board members are elected.

The OAH Executive Board is comprised of the officers of the organization, and nine elected members. The OAH Vice President serves for one year before becoming OAH President Elect and then president. The OAH President serves for two years succeeding their presidency. The OAH Treasurer is chosen by a search committee of the Executive Board for a five-year term. The Executive Committee of the OAH is comprised of the officers of the organization and the immediate past president. The OAH also has numerous service and award committees, as well as a headquarters staff in Bloomington, Indiana that manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.