Service Committees

Journal of American History Editorial Board

The board advises the editor of the Journal of American History.

  • William J. Bauer
  • Geraldo Cadava
  • Gregory P. Downs
  • Beth English, Executive Director, ex officio
  • Lori Flores
  • Kali Nicole Gross
  • Jane Hong
  • Alan McPherson
  • Kevin Mumford
  • Michael Rembis
  • LaKisha M. Simmons
  • Kirsten Swinth
  • Jessica Wang
  • Wendy Warren

The American Historian Editorial Board

The board advises the editor of The American Historian.

  • Daniel Gorman
  • Willie J. Griffin
  • Deanda Johnson
  • Jeffrey W. McClurken
  • Sonya Ramsey
  • Shirley Wajda
  • Beth English, ex officio
  • Elisabeth Marsh, ex officio
  • Jonathan Warner, ex officio

Annual Meeting Local Resource Committee

The Local Resource Committee consults with the meetings department to arrange tours, offsite sessions, and special events and assists with promotion of the meeting through the website and local media outlets. The Local Resource Committee also assists the Program Committee with soliciting sessions that will interest local historians and the public.

  • 2022 OAH Annual Meeting: Boston, MA
  • Kanisorn Wongsrichanali, Co-chair
  • J. Cedric Woods, Co-chair
  • Robert J. Allison
  • Paula C. Austin
  • Layla Bermeo
  • Christine DeLucia
  • David Goldstein
  • Marianne Peak
  • Scott Spencer
  • Scott C. Steward
  • Hajni Selby, Staff Liaison
  • 2023 OAH Annual Meeting: Los Angeles, CA
  • Stephen Aron, Co-chair
  • George J. Sánchez, Co-chair
  • Bill Deverell
  • Regina Freer
  • Jane Hong
  • David Igler
  • Valerie Jiménez
  • Jessica Kim
  • Hajni Selby, Staff Liaison

Annual Meeting Program Committee

The committee is responsible for the program of the annual meeting and such other related activities as the president may designate. The committee works closely with the meetings staff of the executive office which is responsible for insuring that professional sessions for graduate students and other constituency groups are included in each program.

  • 2022 Annual Meeting: Boston, MA
  • Adria Imada, Co-chair
  • Malinda Maynor Lowery, Co-chair
  • Suzanne Smith, Co-chair
  • Eddy Alvarez, Jr.
  • Rhae Lynn Barnes
  • Matthew Blanton
  • Cindy I-Fen Cheng
  • Michele Mitchell
  • Josh Shepperd
  • John Troutman
  • Jason Ward
  • Hajni Selby, Staff Liaison
  • 2023 Annual Meeting: Los Angeles, CA
  • Keisha N. Blain, Co-chair
  • Geraldo Cadava, Co-chair
  • Kelly Lytle Hernández, Co-chair
  • Kathleen Belew
  • Tsekani Browne
  • Julio Capó, Jr.
  • Carly Goodman
  • Monica Muñoz Martínez
  • Jean O'Brien-Kehoe
  • Carl Suddler
  • Hajni Selby, Staff Liaison

Committee on Academic Freedom

The mandate of the committee is to investigate reports of repressive measures having an impact on historians' teaching, research, employment, and freedom of expression, and to report its findings to the officers and members of the OAH in ways it found most useful and appropriate. The committee refers its findings and recommendations to the executive board for any actions the board might deem appropriate.

  • Rebecca Hill, Co-chair
  • Suzanna Krivulskaya, Co-chair
  • Laura Briggs
  • Jennifer Kerns
  • Leigh Soares
  • Michael Flamm, Executive Board Liaison
  • Cynthia Yaudes, Staff Liaison

Committee on Community Colleges

The committee's purpose is to increase the membership and participation of community college historians and to integrate them into the organization. The committee addresses the professional issues and concerns that relate specifically to historians in two-year institutions and provides venues for community college historians to present their original work.

  • Marjorie Brown, Co-chair
  • Aaron W. Miller, Co-chair
  • Thomas F. Army, Jr.
  • Andrew Barbero
  • Tomas R. Bennett
  • Tracy Davis
  • Gregory M. Havrilcsak
  • Tim McMannon
  • Steven Moreno-Terrill
  • Amelia Serafine
  • George J. Sánchez, Executive Board Liaison
  • Kevin Marsh, Staff Liaison

Committee on Disability and Disability History

The committee engages with all professional issues relevant to historians with disabilities and also promotes the study, teaching, and preservation of disability histories.

  • Leah E. Hagedorn, Chair
  • Rabia Belt
  • Kathleen Brian, ex officio
  • Ryan Lee Cartwright
  • John Kinder
  • Ron Lewis
  • Leslie J. Reagan
  • Joanne Meyerowitz, Executive Board Liaison
  • Benjamin H. Irvin, Staff Liaison

Committee on Marketing and Communications

The committee is responsible for supporting and advising the marketing and communications goals of the OAH, as well as any related activities that the leadership may designate. The committee works closely with the staff of the executive office, to promote scholarship and collaboration within the American historians' community and beyond.

  • Spencer W. McBride, Chair
  • Lora Burnett
  • Tiffany González
  • Carly Goodman
  • Andy Mink
  • Amanda Moniz
  • Nora Slonimsky
  • Kariann Akemi Yokota
  • Beth English, Executive Board Liaison
  • Elisabeth Marsh, Staff Liaison

International Committee

The committee assists in carrying out the commitment of the organization to international perspectives, collaborations, exchanges, and members.

  • Dirk Bönker, Chair
  • Alvita Akiboh
  • Alessandro Buffa
  • Christopher Capozzola
  • Emma Hart
  • Gretchen Heefner
  • Alaina Morgan
  • Rachel Nolan
  • Chantel Rodriguez
  • Georg Schild, ex officio
  • Elliott Young
  • Erika Lee, Executive Board Liaison
  • Stephen D. Andrews, Staff Liaison

China Residencies Subcommittee

  • Program on hiatus.

Germany Residencies Subcommittee

  • Georg Schild, ex officio, Chair
  • Dirk Bönker
  • Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson

OAH-Japanese Association for American Studies Japan Historians' Collaborative Committee

The OAH and the JAAS, with the generous support of the Japan-United States Friendship Commission, select two U.S. historians to spend two weeks at Japanese universities giving lectures, seminars, and advising students and researchers interested in American history, and participating in the life of the host institution. It is part of an exchange program that also brings Japanese graduate students to the OAH Annual Meeting.

  • Glenn T. Eskew, OAH Chair
  • Takeo Mori, JAAS Chair
  • Madeline Y. Hsu
  • Lon Kurashige
  • Yuki Oda
  • Derek Taira
  • Yoko Tsukuda
  • Judy Tzu-Chun Wu
  • Philip J. Deloria, Executive Board Liaison
  • Beth English, Staff Liaison

Membership Committee

The committee generates ideas for new membership benefits, programming, and outreach to expand the membership of the OAH; serve as a sounding board for proposed membership marketing, benefit changes, and programming ideas proposed by the business office; when nearby, represent the OAH at history events/conferences such as the Western History Association annual meeting, the NCPH annual meeting, the Military History annual meeting, etc., as well as other national, regional, and local history events; and conduct individual and group membership outreach among peers.

  • DeAnna Beachley, Co-chair
  • Sarah E. Gardner, Co-chair
  • Jennifer Holland
  • Valerie P. Jiménez
  • Julian Lim
  • Michael T. M. McCoyer
  • Rachel Barrett Martin
  • Todd Moye
  • Nicole Ribianszky
  • Mikala Stokes
  • Susan Sleeper-Smith, Executive Board Liaison
  • Elisabeth Marsh, Staff Liaison

Committee on National Park Service Collaboration

The committee assists with the cooperative agreement between OAH and the National Park Service, by consulting on the selection of projects and project participants, advising the Executive Board and OAH staff on NPS issues, and advocating for NPS within the organization.

  • Elaine Jackson-Retondo, Chair
  • Thomas G. Andrews
  • James Broomall
  • Sarah Leavitt
  • Dennis A. Vasquez
  • Turkiya Lowe, NPS Chief Historian, ex officio
  • Brandi Burns, Chair, OAH Committee on Public History, ex officio
  • Brenda E. Stevenson, Executive Board Liaison
  • Paul Zwirecki, Staff Liaison

Committee on Part-Time, Adjunct, and Contingent Employment (CPACE)

The committee's purpose is to monitor employment conditions and professional opportunities, recommend programs, services and best employment practices or guidelines, and advocate for Non-Tenure Track members of the history profession.

  • Dorothee Schneider, Co-chair
  • Eric Fure-Slocum, Co-chair
  • James R. Barrett
  • Thomas H. Cox
  • Carol Quirke
  • David G. Schwartz
  • Lance Thurner
  • Catherine Allgor, Executive Board Liaison
  • Beth English, Staff Liaison

Committee on Public History

The committee maintains liaison with public history organizations and institutions, including those in both public and private sectors and persons in the field of public history, and generates such proposals relating to OAH policy and program as seem suitable to its membership.

  • Brandi Burns, Chair
  • Kimberly Alexander
  • Ellen R. Cohn
  • Sojin Kim
  • Edward Salo
  • Stephen Vider
  • Mike Williams, Executive Board Liaison
  • Paul Zwirecki, Staff Liaison

Committee on the Status of African American, Latino/a, Asian American, and Native American (ALANA) Historians and ALANA Histories

The committee considers all professional issues bearing upon ALANA historians in the historical profession as well as the study of ALANA histories.

  • Irvin Ibargüen, Co-chair
  • Genevieve Clutario, Co-chair
  • Mekala Audain
  • Michael Witgen
  • Françoise Hamlin
  • Abigail Rosas
  • Donald Rogers, Executive Board Liaison
  • Beth English, Staff Co-Liaison
  • Benjamin H. Irvin, Staff Co-Liaison

Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Historians and Histories

The committee considers all professional issues bearing upon LGBTQ historians in the historical profession as well as the study of LGBTQ histories.

  • Anthony Mora, Chair
  • Jen Manion
  • Don Romesburg
  • Kevin Quin
  • Cookie Woolner
  • Anthea M. Hartig, Executive Board Liaison
  • Andrew C. Cooper, Staff Liaison

Committee on the Status of Women in the Historical Profession

The committee considers all professional concerns bearing upon women in the historical profession.

  • Nupur Chaudhuri
  • Chloe Hawkey
  • Tera W. Hunter
  • Mary Ann Irwin
  • Cherisse Jones-Branch
  • Rosina Lozano
  • Sydney-Paige Patterson
  • Stacie Taranto
  • Ashley D. Farmer, Executive Board Liaison
  • Tina Irvine, Staff Liaison

Committee on Teaching

The committee works to improve the teaching and understanding of history at all levels of training and in diverse venues.

  • Daniel S. Murphree, Chair
  • Meredith Clark-Wiltz
  • Jennifer Hull
  • Veronica Savory McComb
  • Natalie Mendoza
  • Edward Duke Richey
  • Kevin B. Sheets
  • Theresa Jach, Executive Board Liaison
  • Stephen D. Andrews, Staff Liaison