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Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The committee is composed of the officers of the organization and the immediate past president. The Executive Committee acts as necessary between board meetings to make decisions to further the mission of the organization.

Finance Committee

This committee shall consist of the incumbent President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, and chair of the Executive Board Standing Committee for Finance as voting members, and the Executive Director and Executive Editor as nonvoting members. The committee shall receive and review quarterly reports on the financial situation of the Organization, such reports to be provided by the Executive Director. The committee shall meet each fall to review the budget and overall financial situation of the Organization including investments, to develop any necessary budget adjustments for proposal to the Executive Board, and to develop recommendations for ongoing operations and investments. The committee shall meet each spring to review, modify, and approve the proposed budget prior to its presentation to the Executive Board and to consider other matters within its responsibility. The committee shall also project long-range needs and probable constraints—budgetary and otherwise—with regard to future years. The committee shall meet at all other times when called by the President, the Executive Director, or the Treasurer. Committee meetings may be conducted in person or through an electronic medium.


Committee on Committees

The eight-member Committee on Committees recommends candidates to fill all regular annual vacancies on the service and awards committees of the organization subject to the approval of the executive board. Committee members shall serve for two years. Each year, the president-elect will appoint four new members for two-year terms.

Nominating Board

The Nominating Board nominates candidates for the annual election of the president, president-elect, and vice president as well as three members each of the executive board and the nominating board.

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