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Our Staff

OAH Executive Office
Katherine Finley, OAH Executive Director - kmfinley(at)oah.org

Jonathan Apgar, Director of Finance - jmapgar(at)oah.org
Karen Barker, Accounting and Financial Support Specialist - kbarker(at)oah.org
James Black, Director of IT
Terry Govan, Graphic Design Specialist - tgovan(at)oah.org
Kara Hamm, Committee Coordinator - khamm(at)oah.org
Sally Hanchett, Coordinator, OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program - shanchett(at)oah.org
Chris King, Media and Web Specialist - kingchan(at)oah.org
Elisabeth Marsh, Director of Membership and Program Development - emarsh(at)oah.org
Hajni Selby, Director of Meetings - hselby(at)oah.org
Jonathan D. Warner, Editor, The American Historian - jonwarne(at)oah.org

Journal of American History
Benjamin H. Irvin, Executive Editor - bhirvin(at)oah.org

Judith Allen, Associate Editor - juallen(at)oah.org 
Stephen D. Andrews, Managing Editor - standrew(at)oah.org
Andrew E. Clark, Production Editor - andeclar(at)oah.org
Nancy J. Croker, Publication Specialist - ncroker(at)oah.org
Anne Gray Fischer, Assistant Editor - agrayfis(at)oah.org
Kevin Marsh, Associate Editor - kemarsh(at)oah.org
Cynthia Gwynne Yaudes, Associate Editor - cyaudes(at)oah.org 
Hannah Alms, Editorial Assistant - halms(at)oah.org
Aaron Fountain, Editorial Assistant - aafounta(at)oah.org
Liam Kingsley, Editorial Assistant - ljkingsl(at)oah.org
Andre Thompson, Editorial Assistant - antethom(at)oah.org


Last update, August 2018