Book Awards and Prizes

Due Date Award Topic Eligibile Applicants
May 1, 2020 Willi Paul Adams Award American history in a foreign language All
TBD Ray Allen Billington Prize Native and/or settler peoples All
TBD Avery O. Craven Award Civil War \ Reconstruction All
TBD Merle Curti Social History Award American social history All
TBD Merle Curti Intellectual History Award American intellectual history All
TBD Ellis W. Hawley Prize Political economy, politics, or institutions All
TBD Darlene Clark Hine Award African American women's and gender history All
TBD Richard W. Leopold Prize Foreign policy, military affairs, historical activities of the federal government, documentary histories, or biography U.S Government or Federal Contract Historians (current or former)
TBD Lawrence W. Levine Award American cultural history All
TBD Liberty Legacy Foundation Award Civil rights struggle  All
TBD David Montgomery Award Labor history All
TBD Mary Nickliss Prize in U.S. Women's and/or Gender History U.S. Women's and/or Gender History All
TBD James A. Rawley Prize Race Relations All
TBD Frederick Jackson Turner Award American history Previously unpublished scholars