Willi Paul Adams Award Winners


Elsa Devienne, Northumbria University, La ruée vers le sable: Une histoire environnementale des plages de Los Angeles au XXe siècle [The Sand Rush: An Environmental History of Los Angeles Beaches in the 20th Century] (Éditions de la Sorbonne)


Anna Mazurkiewicz, University of Gdańsk. Uchodźcy polityczni z Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej w amerykańskiej polityce zimnowojennej, 1948–1954 [Political Exiles from East Central Europe in American Cold War Politics, 1948–1954] (Institute of National Remembrance and University of Gdańsk)


Catherine Collomp, Université Paris-Diderot, Résister au nazisme: Le Jewish Labor Committee, New York, 1934–1945 (CNRS Editions) [Relief, Rescue and Resistance: The Jewish Labor Committee's Anti-Nazi Operations: 1934–1945, temporary English title before publication by an American publisher]  Rescue, Relief and Resistance, The Jewish Labor Committee’s Anti-Nazi Operations, 19341945 (Wayne State University Press, 2021)

Honorable Mention: Gilles Havard, Centre National de la Recherche Scientique (CNRS), Histoire des coureurs de bois. Amérique du Nord 1600 –1840 (Les Indes Savantes) [A History of Indian Traders. North America, 1600 –1840]


Jürgen Martschukat, Erfurt University, Governing through the Family: Fatherhood and Families in American History since 1770 (Campus Verlag)


Aurora Bosch, University of Valencia (Spain), Fear of Democracy: U.S. Perceptions of the Spanish Second Republic and the Civil War (Editorial Crítica)


Paul Schor, Université Paris Diderot, Counting and Classifying: A History of American Censuses (Éditions de l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales).


Bernd Greiner, Hamburg Institute for Social Research, War without Fronts: The USA in Vietnam (Hamburger Edition).


Pierre Gervais, Département d'Histoire, Université Paris 8/CENA-Mascipo UMR 8168, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales-CNRS, The Origins of the Industrial Revolution in the United States: From Mercantile Economy to Industrial Capitalism, 1800–1850 (Editions de l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)


Michel Cordillot, Université Paris 8, The Democratic and Social Republic in America: French-Speaking Radicals in the USA; A Biographical Dictionary, 1848–1922 (Editions de l’Atelier)


Daria Frezza, University of Siena (Italy), The Leader, the Crowd, and Democracy in American Public Discourse, 1880-1941 (Caroccie Editore)


Claudia Schnurmann, Georg-August-University Gottingen, Atlantic Worlds: English and Dutch People in the American-Atlantic Area, 1648–1713 (Bohlau Verlag)


Jong Won Lee, U.S.-Korean Relations and Japan in East Asia’s Cold War (University of Tokyo Press)


Jean Heffer, The United States and the Pacific: The Story of a Frontier (Albin Michel, Paris)


Marie-Jeanne Rossignol, The Nationalist Ferment: At the Origins of American Foreign Policy, 1789–1812 (Éditions Belin, FRANCE)


Ferdinando Fasce, A Family in Stars and Stripes: The Great War and Corporate Culture in America (Il Mulino, ITALY)


Jacques Portes, Une Fascination Réticente: Les États-Unis Dans L'Opinion Française (Presses Universitaires De Nancy, FRANCE)

* Recipients of award received it as the “Foreign Language Book Prize.”