China Residencies Program

This program is currently on hiatus.


This program is currently on hiatus.

Past Travel Grant Recipients


  • Lisa M. Brady, Boise State University / Nankai University: American environmental history
  • Amy S. Greenberg, Penn State University / Fujian Normal University: The history of early U.S. diplomacy
  • Randal Hall, Rice University / Southwest University: Sectionalism and the American South
  • Yue Gao, Liaoning Normal University / Visiting the Massachusetts Historical Society and Columbia University
  • Jiao Jiao, Shanghai University / Conducting research at Cornell University
  • Changyun Yang, Jiangxi Normal University / Visiting the Newberry Library and the Chicago History Museum


  • Emily Conroy-Krutz, Michigan State University / Zhejiang University: American Cultural Diplomacy
  • Julie Greene, University of Maryland, College Park / Sichuan University: The Social Response to American Industrialization
  • Natalia Molina, University of California, San Diego / Wuhan University: U.S. Racial Politics/Race and Politics
  • Shen Hou, Renmin University of China, hosted by Stanford University
  • Du Hua, Wuhan University, hosted by Boston University
  • Gao Yanjie, Xiamen University, hosted by the University of Maryland, College Park


  • Nathan Citino, Rice University / Shaanxi University: American Foreign Policy since World War II/History of the International Cold War
  • Nancy F. Cott, Harvard University / Northeast Normal University: Marriage, Citizenship and Race in U.S. History
  • Margaret Humphreys, Duke University / Shanghai University: American Social History of Medicine
  • Deyi Ma, Heilongjiang, University, hosted by Stanford University
  • Yang Wang, Yunnan Normal University, hosted by University of California, Irvine
  • Wu Bin, Northeast Normal University, hosted by San Francisco State University

2015 (Renmin University of China)

  • Thomas H. Cox, Sam Houston State University
  • Julia L. Foulkes, The New School
  • Raúl A. Ramos, University of Houston
  • Hu Xiaojin, China University of Political Science and Law, hosted by Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and the Constitution, University of Pennsylvania, and the National Constitution Center
  • Li Wenshuo, Shanghai Normal University, hosted by Hunter College, City University of New York
  • Ouyang Zhencheng, Northeast Normal University, hosted by the University of California, San Diego

2014 (American Studies Center, Beijing Foreign Studies University)

  • Jon Butler, Yale University/University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Darren Dochuk, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Mart A. Stewart, Western Washington University
  • Yu Dong, Nankai University, hosted by Harvard University
  • Li Li, Xiamen University, hosted by Princeton University
  • Shi Qinghuan, Liaoning University, hosted by American University

2013 (Northeast Normal University at Changchun)

  • David A. Gerber, University at Buffalo, SUNY (Emeritus)
  • Alan M. Kraut, American University
  • Mae Ngai, Columbia University
  • Yu Han, Xiamen University, hosted by Temple University
  • Lv Hongyan, Northeast Normal University, hosted by Oregon State University
  • Ruiheng Wang, Peking University, hosted by Florida State University