Horace Samuel & Marion Galbraith Merrill Travel Grant Winners

2022 (Some sessions may have been cancelled or switched to a virtual format.)

Justin A. Grossman, University of Rochester

Connor S. Kenaston, University of Virginia

Haleigh Marcello, University of California, Irvine

Michelle M. Martin, University of New Mexico

2021 No in-person meeting due to Covid-19

2020 OAH Annual Meeting cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Molly Brookfield, University of Michigan, "'Most Girls Want Boys to Whistle at Them!': Normalizing Street Harassment in the United States, 1930–1945"

Michaela Kleber, William & Mary, "A Question of Power: Gender and Imperialism in Illinois Country"

Juan Ignacio Mora, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Ineffective Consul: Agricultural Labor Inequalities and Detroit's Mexican Consulate, 1942–1964"

Carolina Ortega, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Unlikely Migrants: Mexicans in New York City, 1924–1932"

Sherri Sheu, University of Colorado Boulder, "Law and Order in the National Parks: Examining the Green Carceral State"


Cassandra N. Berman, Brandeis University, “Motherhood in Black and White: Slavery, Mother-Child Separation, and Popular Print in Antebellum America”

Nancy E. Brown, Purdue University, “The National Gay Task Force AIDS Project and the Welfare State, 1983–1985”

Rohma A. Khan, University of Rochester, “Driven by Freedom: South Asian Cabbies and Working-Class Identities”

Caroline Lieffers, Yale University, “Imperial Mobilities: Disability, Indigeneity, and Movement in the American West”

Jennifer Monroe McCutchen, Texas Christian University, “‘Deprive Them of Ammunition and They Will Become Easy Prey’: Commodities, Southeastern Indian Policy, and Creek-British Power Dynamics Following the Seven Years’ War”


Eddie Bonilla, Michigan State University, "Organizing Multiracial Workplaces: The Activism of the League of Revolutionary Struggle, 1974–1991"

Jonathan Lande, Tougaloo College/Brown University, "'The Long List of Glory': African American Intellectuals, Civil War History, and the Struggle for Freedom from Reconstruction to the Great War"

Jody Noll, Georgia State University, "'No Experience Necessary': Florida Governor Claude Kirk and the Rise of Modern Conservatism"

Nakia D. Parker, University of Texas at Austin, "'Come out to the Indian Country': Slavery and Migration in the Antebellum Southwest"

Sarah E. Patterson, Florida State University, "Gender Expression and the Body: Images of Marines from Leatherneck and Time"


Lindsay M. Chervinsky, University of California, Davis, " The President's Cabinet: American Perceptions of Power and Propriety in the Atlantic World, 1775–1795"

Amanda C. Demmer, University of New Hampshire, "Human Rights as a Language of Power in U.S.-Vietnamese Normalization"

Jacob C. Jurss, Michigan State University, "Children of the Buffalo and the Hare: How Kinship and Environmental Resources Shaped the Dakota-Anishinaabeg Borderlands"

Harrouna Malgouri, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Black Women in the Internationalism of the Civil Rights Movement 1950–1970s"

Hilary Miller, Penn State Harrisburg, "Navigating Identity and Gender along the National Road"


Aaron Bae, Arizona State University, "Reconsidering a Multiracial Triumph: Black-Latina/o Relations, Radical Activists, and Divergent Coalitional Politics in 1970s Oakland, California"

Garrett Felber, University of Michigan, "'No Thurgood Marshalls': The Jailhouse Lawyer and Civil Rights Law"

Max Flomen, University of California, Los Angeles, "Raiders and Dealers: Indigenous and Atlantic Slaveries in Texarkana, 1758–1790"

Rachel Gross, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Outdoor Recreation and Counterculture: An Alternative Consumer Society?"

Farina King, Arizona State University, "Náhookos (North): Monument Valley Diné Student and Community Struggles with Busing and Distant Education in the Self-Determination Era"


Gregory Ablavsky, University of Pennsylvania Law School, "Native Citizenship, Sovereignty, and the Law of Nations in the New Republic"

Delia Fernández, Ohio State University, "The 'Latino/a Turn': Is There a Future for Chicano and Puerto Rican Histories?"

Amanda Hughett, Duke University, "Gendered (In)Justice: Feminism, Labor, and the Movement for Imprisoned Women's Rights in North Carolina"

William S. Kiser, Arizona State University, "Debt Peonage in Judicial and Political Transition: Unfree Labor in Territorial New Mexico and the Post-War American South"

Claire H. Rydell, Stanford University, "The American Political Tradition Reconsidered: Locke, Marx, and the Silencing of Mill"


Brian Cuddy, Cornell University, "Wars without Borders: The American Challenge to International Law, 1961–1965"

Zackary W. Gardner, Georgetown University, "Uniforming the Rugged: Recruitment, Training, and the Daily Realities of Government Service in the United States during the Progressive Era"

Adam Goodman, University of Pennsylvania, "Nations of Migrants, Historians of Migration"

Cecilia Márquez, University of Virginia, "La Huelga en Dixie: The Role of Latinos in the Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, 1965–1970"

Ronit Y. Stahl, University of Michigan, "Meeting His Eminence: American Military Chaplains and Global Religious Networks"


Aston Gonzalez, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, “Envisioning the Possibilities of Haiti and the United States in the Work of Robert Douglass, Jr.”

Allison Fredette, University of Florida, “‘Like in Yankeedom’:Marital Roles in a Nineteenth-Century Souther Border City”

Celeste Day Moore, University of Virginia, “Transmitting Race: Broadcasting African-American Music in Francophone Africa, 1956-66”

Horace Samuel & Marion Galbraith Merrill Travel Grants in Twentieth-Century American Political History Committee

The Horace Samuel & Marion Galbraith Merrill Travel Grants in Twentieth-Century American Political History were inaugurated in 1998 to promote access of younger [i.e., relatively new to the profession] scholars to the Washington, DC, region’s rich primary source collections in late-nineteenth-and twentieth-century American political history. The program offered stipends to underwrite travel and lodging expenses for members of the Organization of American Historians working toward completion of a dissertation or first book.


Caitlin Love Crowell, Yale University, “Love Stories: The Intimate Lives of African-American Women Activists, 1880-1950.”

Theresa Runstedtler, Yale University, “Journeymen: Boxing and the Popular Politics of Race, Nation, and Empire.”

Lindsay M. Silver, Brandeis University, “‘The Nation’s Neighborhood:’ The People, Power and Politics of Capitol Hill Since the Civil War.”

Emily Zuckerman, Rutgers University, “Beyond Dispute: EEOC v. Sears and the Politics of Affirmative Action, Gender, and Class, 1968-1986.”


Jacqueline Castledine, Rutgers University, "`The Fashion is Politics’: Women's Activism in the 1948 Progressive Party"

Alyosha Goldstein, New York University, "Civic Poverty: An Empire for Liberty through Community Action"

Daniel Link, New York University, "Containment Politics: Liberal Anticommunism in Cold War New York, 1944-1960"

James Patrick McGowan, University of California at Davis, "Too Brave to Fight: American Conscientious Objectors and the War for Democracy, 1917-1920"


Thomas B. Robertson, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "The Population Bomb: Population Growth, Environmental Politics, and Foreign Policy in the Twentieth-Century U.S."

Ellen D. Wu, University of Chicago, "Yellow Perils, Yellow Power: Race, Class, and Asian American Citizenship, 1941-1975"

James Wolfinger, Northwestern University, "The Rise and Fall of the Roosevelt Coalition: Race, Labor, and Politics in Philadelphia, 1932-1955"


Cathleen D. Cahill, University of Chicago, “The Indian Service: The State, Gender, and Labor in the Trans-Mississippi West, 1869-1928”

Sara M. Gregg, Columbia University, “From Farms to Forest: Federal Conservation and Resettlement Programs in the Blue Ridge and Green Mountains, 1924-1976”

Adriane D. Smith, Yale University, “All Things Sacred: African Americans and the First World War”

Ann Marie Woodward, University of Kansas, “Between Growth and Entitlement: Fiscal Conservatism, Postwar Tax Policy and the Politics of ‘Pay-As-You-Go’”


Nancy A. Banks, Columbia University, "Workers Against Liberalism: The Struggle Over Affirmative Action in the New York City Building and Construction Trades, 1961-1976"

Margot Canaday, University of Minnesota, "Good Citizens and the Straight State: Citizenship and Sexuality in the United States, 1917-1952"

Daniel M. Cobb, University of Oklahoma, "Encountering an Indian War: Culture, Poverty, and the Politics of American Indian Participation in Community Action, 1964-1973"

Eric Fure-Slocum, University of Iowa, "The Challenge of the Working-Class City: Recasting Growth Politics and Liberalism in Milwaukee, 1937-1952"

Neil M. Maher, Federated History Department of Rutgers University, Newark-New Jersey Institute of Technology, "Planting More Than Trees: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Roots of the American Environmental Movement"


Craig Kaplowitz, Middle Tennessee State University, "The Paradox of Ethnic Identity: The League of United Latin American Citizens and U.S. Federal Policy, 1942-1975"

Robert Saxe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "World War II Veterans and the Creation of Consensus"

J. Douglas Smith, California Institute of Technology, "Saying No to Jim Crow: Samuel Wilbert Tucker and the Politics of White Supremacy in Alexandria, Virginia"

Minoa Uffelman, University of Mississippi, " `rite thorny places to go thro': Self Identities of Southern Farm Women, 1880-1930"


Liette P. Gidlow, Bowling Green State University, "To Push the Pendulum: The Get-Out-the Vote Campaigns, Critical Theory, and the Future of Political History"

Andrew L. Johns, University of California–Santa Barbara, "Hawks, Doves and A Wise Old Owl: The Republican Party and the ‘Democrats’ War in Vietnam, 1960-1969"

Lisa G. Materson, University of California--Los Angeles, "Respectable Partisans: African American Women in Electoral Politics, 1870-1944"

Paul C. Milazzo, University of Virginia, "Legislating the Solution to Pollution: Congress and the Development of Federal Water Pollution Control Policy in the United States, 1945-1975"

R. Mark Phillips, Bowling Green State University, "Fueling the Fire: United States Political Asylum Policy Toward Central America"


Edward O. Frantz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Going Dixie: Republican Presidential Tours of the South, 1877-1912

Kent B. Germany, Tulane University, "New Orleans and the Great Society: Federal Policy and Local Change, 1964-1978"

Mark Santow, University of Pennsylvania, "An American Faith: Saul Alinsky and Urban Democracy, 1939-1972"