Presidents' Travel Fund Winners


  • Rosie C. Bermudez, University of California, Santa Barbara, “From the Ramona Gardens Housing Project to the National Stage: The East Los Angeles Welfare Rights Organization and the Poor People’s Movement”
  • Jamalin Rae Harp, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, “Blessings or Disasters: The Future Citizens of the Washington City Orphan Asylum”
  • Joshua Hollands, University College London, “Work, Sodomy, and the Sunbelt: Challenging Homophobic Workplace Discrimination in the South, 1970 to 2003”
  • Graeme Mack, University of California, San Diego, “Merchant Arms: Freedom, Commerce, and the Global Arms Trade, 1815–1829”
  • Ana Stevenson, University of the Free State, “One Hundred Years of Campaign Imagery: Woman Suffrage Postcards and Hillary Clinton Memes”


  • Julia Bowes, Rutgers University/University of Virginia, "The Sentinels of the Republic: The Politics of the Family in Anti-Statist Activism 1922–1933"
  • Annelise Heinz, University of Texas at Dallas, “The National Game in Chinese America”
  • Mariona Lloret, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, "Greater Caribbean Caudillo: A New Look Upon the Kingfish of Louisiana"
  • Sarah Miller-Davenport, University of Sheffield, "Seeing Culture Everywhere: Peace Corps Service and the Challenge of Diversity at Home."
  • Marc Reyes, University of Connecticut, "Collaboration and Creativity: Redesigning the Analog and Digital History Classrooms"


  • Lauren Brand, Texas A&M University, presented paper on "Rethinking Indian Removal" panel
  • Iván Chaar-López, University of Michigan, "Coding the Border Patrol Program: The Making of the Cybernetic Border"
  • Jane Dinwoodie, Oxford University, "Evading Removal: Terrain, State Sight, and Indigenous Space in the American South, 1814–1860"
  • Nicole Gilhuis, University of California, Los Angeles, "Creating the Cajuns: Religious practice among Acadians and Africans in colonial Louisiana 1765–1803"
  • Elizabeth J. Wood, The College of William and Mary, "Women of Discretion, Men of Means: Race, Marriage, and Freedom in Antebellum Petersburg, Virginia"


  • Meaghan Leigh Beadle, University of Virginia, "Feminism NOW! Visual Culture and the National Organization for Women"
  • Nancy O. Gallman, University of California, Davis, "'With respect to Satisfaction for Mr. Houston"': Spanish Law and Native Justice in Late Eighteenth-century East Florida"
  • Kris Klein Hernandez, University of Michigan, "Regionalized Notions of Sexuality in the Nineteenth Century Confederate-Mexican Borderlands"
  • Miguel Juárez, University of Texas at El Paso, "The Lincoln Park Community: A Disappeared Community Reclaimed via Social Media"
  • Megan E. Springate, University of Maryland, College Park, panelist for New Directions in LGBTQ Public History as the Prime Consultant to the NPS LGBTQ Heritage Initiative. Presented "Our Queer Heritage: The National Park Service's LGBTQ Heritage Initiative" (powerpoint introduction for NPS LGBTQ theme study).


  • William Gow, University of California, Berkeley, "Performing the Pacific War: Chinese American Actors, Hollywood, and the Politics of Japanese American Incarceration, 1937–1945"
  • Alyssa M. Ribeiro, University of Pittsburgh, "'We Went to Make an Alliance': Puerto Rican and Black Politics in North Philadelphia, 1960s–1970s"
  • Heather Sinclair, University of Texas, El Paso, "Borders, Bodies, and Babies: The Racialization of Midwifery and the Homebirth in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1922–1942"
  • Tao Wei, Stony Brook University, SUNY, "British Dissenters, Dutch Radicals, and the Radical Networks in the Atlantic World: The Case of Henry Laurens, 1779–1784"
  • Gene Zubovich, University of California, Berkeley, "The New Deal and Grass Roots Democracy"