Presidents' Travel Fund Winners

2022 (Some sessions may have been cancelled or switched to a virtual format.)

W. Tanner Allread, Stanford University, "New Native Reconstruction" Roundtable

Noah Hanohano Dolim, University of California, Irvine, "A Benevolent Landscape of Sovereignty: Native Hawaiian Women and the Making of Urban Honolulu"

Ari Annise Green, North Carolina State University, "Sacramento's Erasure of Blackness Through Public Policy"

Jessica R. Locklear, Emory University, "A Libidinous Wretch:" Gendered Violence and the Lowry War"

Angus McLeod IV, University of Pennsylvania, "The Last Days of Separate but Equal: Educational Modernization in the Segregated South"

2021 No in-person meeting due to Covid-19

2020 OAH Annual Meeting cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Sasha Coles, University of California, Santa Barbara, "'A Gold Mine in Embryo': Mormon Women, Silk Work, and Transnational Business in the Nineteenth-Century American West"

Emma Day, University of Oxford, "Of Childbearing Age: AIDS, Reproduction, and the Reagan Administration, 1980–1994"

Jessica Derleth, Binghamton University (SUNY), "Bad Women Will BE Disenfranchised: How Suffragists Discussed Prostitutes and Black Women as Prospective Female Voters"

Hollie Pich, University of Sydney, "Streetcars, Segregation, and Civil Suits: Black Litigants in Memphis' Civil Courts"

Geneva Smith, Princeton University, "Compensating Whiteness: Slave Courts in Colonial British North America"


Rosie C. Bermudez, University of California, Santa Barbara, “From the Ramona Gardens Housing Project to the National Stage: The East Los Angeles Welfare Rights Organization and the Poor People’s Movement”

Jamalin Rae Harp, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, “Blessings or Disasters: The Future Citizens of the Washington City Orphan Asylum”

Joshua Hollands, University College London, “Work, Sodomy, and the Sunbelt: Challenging Homophobic Workplace Discrimination in the South, 1970 to 2003”

Graeme Mack, University of California, San Diego, “Merchant Arms: Freedom, Commerce, and the Global Arms Trade, 1815–1829”

Ana Stevenson, University of the Free State, “One Hundred Years of Campaign Imagery: Woman Suffrage Postcards and Hillary Clinton Memes”


Julia Bowes, Rutgers University/University of Virginia, "The Sentinels of the Republic: The Politics of the Family in Anti-Statist Activism 1922–1933"

Annelise Heinz, University of Texas at Dallas, “The National Game in Chinese America”

Mariona Lloret, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, "Greater Caribbean Caudillo: A New Look Upon the Kingfish of Louisiana"

Sarah Miller-Davenport, University of Sheffield, "Seeing Culture Everywhere: Peace Corps Service and the Challenge of Diversity at Home."

Marc Reyes, University of Connecticut, "Collaboration and Creativity: Redesigning the Analog and Digital History Classrooms"


Lauren Brand, Texas A&M University, presented paper on "Rethinking Indian Removal" panel

Iván Chaar-López, University of Michigan, "Coding the Border Patrol Program: The Making of the Cybernetic Border"

Jane Dinwoodie, Oxford University, "Evading Removal: Terrain, State Sight, and Indigenous Space in the American South, 1814–1860"

Nicole Gilhuis, University of California, Los Angeles, "Creating the Cajuns: Religious practice among Acadians and Africans in colonial Louisiana 1765–1803"

Elizabeth J. Wood, The College of William and Mary, "Women of Discretion, Men of Means: Race, Marriage, and Freedom in Antebellum Petersburg, Virginia"


Meaghan Leigh Beadle, University of Virginia, "Feminism NOW! Visual Culture and the National Organization for Women"

Nancy O. Gallman, University of California, Davis, "'With respect to Satisfaction for Mr. Houston"': Spanish Law and Native Justice in Late Eighteenth-century East Florida"

Kris Klein Hernandez, University of Michigan, "Regionalized Notions of Sexuality in the Nineteenth Century Confederate-Mexican Borderlands"

Miguel Juárez, University of Texas at El Paso, "The Lincoln Park Community: A Disappeared Community Reclaimed via Social Media"

Megan E. Springate, University of Maryland, College Park, panelist for New Directions in LGBTQ Public History as the Prime Consultant to the NPS LGBTQ Heritage Initiative. Presented "Our Queer Heritage: The National Park Service's LGBTQ Heritage Initiative" (powerpoint introduction for NPS LGBTQ theme study).


William Gow, University of California, Berkeley, "Performing the Pacific War: Chinese American Actors, Hollywood, and the Politics of Japanese American Incarceration, 1937–1945"

Alyssa M. Ribeiro, University of Pittsburgh, "'We Went to Make an Alliance': Puerto Rican and Black Politics in North Philadelphia, 1960s–1970s"

Heather Sinclair, University of Texas, El Paso, "Borders, Bodies, and Babies: The Racialization of Midwifery and the Homebirth in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1922–1942"

Tao Wei, Stony Brook University, SUNY, "British Dissenters, Dutch Radicals, and the Radical Networks in the Atlantic World: The Case of Henry Laurens, 1779–1784"

Gene Zubovich, University of California, Berkeley, "The New Deal and Grass Roots Democracy"