Contingent Faculty Bill of Rights

December 2, 2022

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  1. Contingent faculty have a right to respect and support for our duties and our career advancement.
  2. Contingent faculty have the right to a fair and livable wage and to healthcare and other benefits allocated to full-time employees and tenure-track faculty. We have a right to equal compensation for our labor as provided to tenure-track faculty.
  3. Contingent faculty have a right to compensation for all labor done on behalf of the college or university, including service work, committee and department meetings, mentoring and advising, in-house and external training, career advancement, new course preparation, and other activities contributing to the functioning of the university, in service to the institution’s students, and/or adding to the university’s public standing. The real costs of education should be transparent and not be carried by contingent faculty.
  4. Contingent faculty have a right to all of the resources we require to complete our duties, including access to institutional entities and resources, office space, computers, parking and transportation, and technical and administrative support.
  5. Contingent faculty have a right to institutional support for our intellectual and scholarly pursuits. We have a right to equal representation in professional associations, scholarly publications, academic conferences, and other professional gate-keeping operations. We have a right to compensation for our services to the profession.
  6. Contingent faculty have a right to institutional and professional transparency. We have the right to information about compensation rates and benefits, including comparative data about pay and benefits for tenure stream faculty and various categories of contingent faculty.
  7. Contingent faculty have a right to for cause employment, job security and fair and open hiring standards and processes. Contingent faculty have a right to timely hiring and contracts and to advance notice of any non-reappointment. We have the right to evaluation, seniority, promotion, and longer-term contracts.
  8. Contingent faculty have the right to union representation. We have the right to pursue unionization and to participate in union activities without fear of reprisal from our employing institution or future employers.
  9. Contingent faculty have the rights of ownership of all fruits of our intellectual labor, including syllabi, lessons, teaching aids, a/v materials, digital products, publications, presentations, lectures, assignments, and all other intellectual products.
  10. Contingent faculty have a right to academic freedom. We have the same right as tenure-track faculty to voice personal opinions and scholarly conclusions regarding matters of political, social, cultural, and academic import without fear of reprisal or dismissal from employing institutions.