Hesitancy against Hope: Reactions to the First Polio Vaccine — a Blogcast Episode

This Blogcast Episode features Stephen E. Mawdsley’s article, “Hesitancy against Hope: Reactions to the First Polio Vaccine,” first published in Process: A Blog for American History on January 9, 2024.

In this episode, Mawdsley uses the development of the Polio Vaccine to explicate the history public health campaigns and vaccine hesitance in the United States. He shows that “hesitancy and opposition can be effectively challenged through education and outreach initiatives that reach wider demographics to help reduce the incidence of disease.”

Read the Blog here: https://www.processhistory.org/mawdsley-hesitancy-against-hope-reactions-to-the-first-polio-vaccine/

Music: King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band’s Mabel’s Dream, 1923

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