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Welcome to the OAH Career COACH® - Creating Opportunities for Advancing our Community of Historians! This online center was designed to help you, your students, or anyone with an advanced degree in American history, navigate today's job market. In the past, obtaining a doctoral degree in American history inevitably meant that you pursued a career in academia. Jobs in American history are not limited to those in academia. In fact, many times we hear that doctoral students should prepare a Plan B or Plan C for a career in history. However, there are many good, interesting, and intellectually stimulating jobs outside the academy. Having historians in these positions ensures that the public is exposed to "good history." Jobs outside academia can be part of a graduate student's Plan A if graduate schools and advisers understand the market for American history graduates and prepare them for it. The OAH's Plan A is to help both students and advisers understand this market and the varied and rewarding jobs in the field of American history and extend value to its members through this website.

We hope you will use this site during your and your students' entire academic journey. Since part of the site is restricted to members only, we encourage you to join the OAH or to sponsor one or more of your students.

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