Online Resources

Organization of American Historians Career Center

The OAH Career Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the American history profession. Both employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs. The Center is open to member and non-member alike and lists available jobs and internships.

Beyond Academe

Created in 2003, this site addresses the changing career demographics of historians and lets history degree holders know about other career options outside the academy. It contains resources to help PhDs in history obtain jobs outside the academy.

Career Change for Academics

Prepared by career coach Kate Duttro, this site helps academics transition to careers outside academia. The site contains a blog and links to useful information about preparing a résumé, job searching, interviewing, as well as assessing one's skills and strengths. It also includes links to other sites useful when looking for a job.

Preparing Faculty

Sponsored by the Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFF), this site aims to transform "the way aspiring faculty members are prepared for their careers." The program allows graduate students to observe and experience faculty responsibilities at various types of academic institutions.

Online PhD

A site with various resources for both those who have a PhD and are exploring their options and for those who are contemplating obtaining a doctoral degree.

Sellout: A resource for PhDs considering careers beyond the university

Information for PhDs who are thinking about jobs outside of academia. The site has links to other career articles and sites, as well as frequently asked questions about working outside academia.