2023 OAH Conference on American History

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March 30, 2023 - April 2, 2023

Los Angeles, California

2023 Theme: “Confronting Crises: History for Uncertain Times”

The teaching of American history is under assault by a spate of educational gag orders that restrict what can be taught in K-12 schools and in institutions of higher education. Laws across the country limit or ban teaching on systemic racism, sexism, gender and sexuality, and LGBTQ+ topics. In addition, the use and misuse of history and historical scholarship – most recently in the SCOTUS decision in Dobbs v. Jackson – raises important questions about the role of U.S. history in the classroom and beyond. This year’s in-person and virtual conference highlight many sessions and workshops related to K-12 and college/university teaching during these challenging times.Building upon this theme, this plenary brings together leading scholars, teachers, and advocates in conversation to discuss the histories behind these efforts, how they threaten the teaching and practice of American history, what we can do to challenge them, and how we can support inclusive and social justice-oriented teaching and learning in all classrooms.


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