OAH | NCPH Virtual Conference Series Registration

Registration for the 2024 OAH|NCPH Virtual Conference Series
is now open!

(If you are an NCPH member, please go to the NCPH website for member registration)

Registration Information

Member registration rates apply only to current OAH members. NCPH members should register via NCPH to receive the member rates. If your membership has lapsed please renew or join prior to registration. No retroactive refunds will be issued.

OAH Member$68
OAH K-12 / Community College Faculty$57
OAH Graduate Student / Contingent Faculty*$48
OAH Retired / Unemployed$37

K-12 / Community College Faculty$73
Graduate Student / Contingent Faculty*$63
Retired / Unemployed$53

*Contingent faculty is understood to be individuals who are solely employed teaching individual courses at universities and colleges and are not considered full-time employees by their institutions. Contingent faculty may teach multiple courses that equal full-time employment but due to the nature of their contracts, are not eligible for benefits accorded full-time and/or permanent faculty and staff.

Registration for the 2024 OAH|NCPH Virtual Conference Series opens January 2024