Exercise 7: Pleasure and Consumption

In a 1907 feature for the Chicago Tribune, the writer Anita de Campi observed that Chicago ladies were embracing innumerable new public amusements, including tippling. These pursuits, Campi argued, were radically transforming women’s perspective and experiences. “The spirit of enjoying oneself in one”s own way is a wave in the women’s world rather than a mere ripple on the surface of frivolous lives,” she concluded.

With this assessment in mind, consider the following questions.


  • What new pleasures did Chicago’s tippling ladies enjoy?
  • How might the pursuit of pleasure have created a “wave” in women’s lives?
  • Should consumption be regarded as a pleasure? If so, should people be guaranteed a right to consume?


  1. Anita de Campi, “Why Shouldn’t a Woman Have a Good Time Just like the Men?,” Chicago Tribune, Dec. 29, 1907, p. F1.