OAH Conference Participant and Proposals: FAQs

PROPOSAL SUBMITTER RESPONSIBILITIES: Upon review of the submissions, the Program Committee will only announce “pending acceptance” or “declined.” If you receive a pending acceptance it is the proposal submitter’s responsibility to ensure that each session participant, regardless of role, completes their speaker agreement within the requested deadline. Once all agreements have been completed, only then will the session be listed as accepted.

The proposal submitter is also asked to inform the OAH at the close of the Conference on American History if any session participants failed to appear without prior notification.

Can I submit to participate in more than one session if I am in different roles (such as chair and presenter)?

No, all participants are restricted to appearing only one time in any given year. Please limit your submissions to one proposal. Should you appear on multiple submissions and the sessions were to be accepted then you would have to choose to drop one and thereby alter the proposal that was accepted by the program committee.

If I am solicited by a program committee member, do I need to tell them I have submitted to participate in a session via the proposal system?

Yes, please let the program committee member know that by accepting a solicited session position you may appear in the program more than one time.

Can I participate as a panelist in a roundtable or panel discussion if I was a presenter in the previous year?

Yes, participants and panelists are not considered the same role.

If I submit a proposal for the in-person conference, can I switch it to the virtual series later?

No, the in-person and virtual series are two different events with unique programming, capacity, and needs. Please ensure you submit your proposal for consideration for the event that all participants can take part in. Presenters of the in-person or virtual series must register for the event in which thay are slated to present. 

When submitting a proposal:

Can I submit my proposal by email?

No, please use the online submission system. We cannot accept submissions by any other means.

What do I write in the “Additional Information” box?

The “Additional Information” box is provided so you can communicate any pertinent information about your proposal to the committee.

How do I add participants?

All information regarding the session will be connected to the participant/member account specified in the submission only. Participants can be added using the “Add Participants” button. The participant’s name will be cross matched with our database and connected to their record. If they do not exist in the system, but you know they are members of the OAH, please ask them how their names are listed, otherwise please enter their full contact information to create a new account for them. Please ensure you add their current email as all communications will go to that address.

Important note: If you create a new account for a participant please let them know immediately so they can complete their account and be added to the session properly. This account is the one they will receive all their session specific information so it is important that it be current and correct.

How can my fellow participants check on the submission?

Each person can log into the user portal and find the submission under the “Session Proposals” link in the “Conferences” navigation section.

I’m not a member but on a session, do I have a username and password?

Yes, everyone who is listed on a submission has a username and password. If you were ever a member or a participant, your past account will be available to you. If you have never been a member or participant, a username and password was created for you when you were added to the proposal by the proposal submitter.

If an account was created for you by a proposal submitter you will receive an automated email to complete your account. If you already have an account and a new account was created for you, please contact meetings@oah.org to connect the correct account to the session.

I have a member account and my session is not showing up.

The session will be linked to the account that was specified during the submission process. If you are not able to locate your session under the “session proposals” link under the “Conferences” section of the OAH user portal navigation then you likely have more than one account in the system. You may have two pre-existing accounts or a new account may have been started for you by a proposal submitter. Please contact membership@oah.org to merge your accounts.

When will decisions be made by the Program Committee?

Acceptances will be determined at the following OAH Conference on American History taking place in April.

How and when will we be notified regarding the decisions?

Notifications will be made via the OAH user portal in early May (typically the first 2 weeks). An email will announce that the decisions are posted and each participant can log into the OAH user portal to view the results. The program committee will issue either a “pending acceptance” or a “declined.”

What happens if we receive a “pending acceptance?”

If you receive a pending acceptance ​you must complete your speaker agreement within the requested deadline​, only then will the session be officially accepted. If the agreements are not received ​from each participant in your session ​by the deadline, the pending acceptance is void.