CFP: Campuses and Colonialism Symposium

In 2020–2021, UNC-Chapel Hill's Center for the Study of the American South and SMU’s Clements Center for Southwest Studies are co-sponsoring a year-long seminar on Campuses and Colonialism that aims to consider the roles and responsibilities of U.S. institutions of higher learning in histories of settler colonialism. We propose that campuses consider how these histories are woven together in faculty research, graduate and undergraduate recruitment and retention, curriculum offerings, built environments, labor practices, and more. 

We invite scholars to consider a variety of questions:

  • How have universities wittingly and unwittingly been institutions of colonialism?
  • What forces have challenged and transformed institutional relationships to Native populations and cultures?
  • What is the relationship between the study of slavery and global Indigenous studies?
  • What should universities remember and share about their histories?
  • How have Native communities built relationships with universities and changed them?
  • How have universities and/or Native people challenged assimilation, as a policy and an assumption?
  • How can universities act as agents of decolonization and decolonial thinking?
  • How can we surface scholars’ leadership in establishing and maintaining the institutional structures that support AIS and Indigenous scholars and students?

The deadline is September 20, 2019, with a fall 2020 seminar in Taos, NM, and a spring 2021 seminar in Chapel Hill, NC.

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Posted: June 18, 2019
Tagged: Calls for Papers