CFP: World History Connected “The American West in World History”

CFP: World History Connected “The American West in World History”
Type: Call for Papers
Submission Date: March 19, 2023.
Contact for Inquiries: Marc Jason Gilbert, and Vera Parham,

World History Connected (ISSN 1931-8642), is a 17-year-old affiliate of the World History Association. While the submission of individual articles on any topic germane to world history are welcome at any time, the journal also invites papers suitable for a Forum, a set of 4 to 8 curated articles on a topic showcasing innovative approaches to this interdisciplinary field. This Call for Papers invites contributions to the summer of 2023 issue’s Forum devoted to “The American West in World History,” Guest Edited by Vera Parham. Contributions may include archival research, field work, and the scholarship of teaching--while WHC does not publish lesson plans, it does feature articles that are rooted in pedagogical analysis and data gathered from classroom activities, which may contain lesson plans and examples of student activities and exercises.

Proposals for this Forum should be received by Sunday, March 19, 2023, for potential publication in Summer, 2023.

About the Forum:
While the history of the American West is an important topic for historians of the United States, it plays a much broader role in World History that is often overlooked. The landscape represents stewardship for its Indigenous people, opportunity for thousands of immigrants, conquest for empires, exploitation for those seeking its natural riches, and spheres of cultural devastation as well as struggles for cultural preservation and political representation. The American West has played an enormous role in the development of our global world economically, culturally, and socially. As of today, the state of California is the fifth largest economy in the world.

This forum seeks to situate the American West in a broader global view, highlighting the role the lands and people have played in global change. This forum focuses on all communities in the American West, broadly defined in geographic scope. Submissions can be varied but should focus on the impact of Western North America and the Pacific on World History. Submissions might utilize the lenses of economics, trade, colonization and post-colonialism, cultural revitalization, gender and identity and beyond. Submissions can include original research, articles on pedagogical approaches for using the American West in world history courses, and research-based explorations of current events and struggles in the American West. Teaching plans, embedded in broader historical research and means of gaining access to research are also encouraged. Submissions that focus on marginalized voices in history are highly encouraged.

As envisioned by Guest Editor Vera Parham, this Forum will assist in the ongoing effort to broaden the scope of World History by decentralizing the narrative from major nation states and empires to the impact the region of the American West has had on the globe. In both research and practice, histories located in the West can be used to highlight individual agency and decision-making, challenge meta narratives, and identify how communities and individuals understood and reacted to broad global-scale events. Focusing on the American West supports broader world historical research and builds pedagogical creativity in the world history classroom.

Submission of proposals for this Forum should be sent directly to its Guest Editor, Vera Parham

All submissions for Forums, as with prospective individual articles, must follow the user-friendly “Submissions and Style Guide” at Please note, World History Connected is in the process of moving from its long-time publisher, the University of Illinois Press, to George Mason University, known for its support of world history. As a result, the journal’s web address may change or be temporarily interrupted, in which case those seeking the “Submission and Style Guide” may write directly to the Editor, Marc Jason Gilbert at with the subject line beginning “WHC” for this and any other inquiries.

The “Submission and Style Guide” specifies that all email to the journal email should include the subject line “WHC Submission” and manuscripts should be prepared double-spaced, with one-inch margins and subheads at the left-hand margins in bold, with endnotes (no bibliography), a short biography (250 words) similar to that found at the end of published WHC articles, and include a mailing address and phone number. Submitted articles should be more than 3,000 words, with the upper limit as appropriate (usually not more than 10,000 words). All submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. World History Connected reserves the right to decline to publish any submission. Copyright free images are encouraged; MP3 and audio files are also welcome.

World History Connected annually reaches 1.85 million readers (scholars and practitioners who read more than two articles) and attracts 6 million visits to its website. It publishes Forums, individual articles, book reviews, special features (such as its “Interview with a World Historian”), and a list of books available for review. Book reviews are welcome via preliminary contact with the journal’s Book Review Editor, Cynthia Ross, at

The journal is published 3 times a year (Winter, Spring and Fall), with additional material shared on social media through its social media editors, Angela Lee (, Suzanne Litrel (, and Joe Snyder (

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